201-782 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 201-782-8160
  • 201-782-8161
  • 201-782-8162
  • 201-782-8163
  • 201-782-8164
  • 201-782-8165
  • 201-782-8166
  • 201-782-8167
  • 201-782-8168
  • 201-782-8169
  • 201-782-8170
  • 201-782-8171
  • 201-782-8172
  • 201-782-8173
  • 201-782-8174
  • 201-782-8175
  • 201-782-8176
  • 201-782-8177
  • 201-782-8178
  • 201-782-8179
  • 201-782-8180
  • 201-782-8181
  • 201-782-8182
  • 201-782-8183
  • 201-782-8184
  • 201-782-8185
  • 201-782-8186
  • 201-782-8187
  • 201-782-8188
  • 201-782-8189
  • 201-782-8190
  • 201-782-8191
  • 201-782-8192
  • 201-782-8193
  • 201-782-8194
  • 201-782-8195
  • 201-782-8196
  • 201-782-8197
  • 201-782-8198
  • 201-782-8199

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    1. Dewey says:

      You are right. They ask for you to work from home, and if you do not have a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) that is not a debit card; they hang up. I just left the person a message. I told him to bite me! I love the ability to have caller ID. :)

    2. Darrick says:

      Auto ins. But hang up as soon as you ask who they are.

    3. Joe says:

      Man called me from this number and stated that he was from the Alabama Sheriff's Association and he was soliciting donations and in return they would send us a Sheriff's Association sticker for our vehicle.  When I told him I was a Deputy Sheriff he stuttered and then stated "God bless you and have a good night." and he immeditaely hung up.

    4. Claude says:

      They call me at least 4 times a day. I answer and there's no one there. So now I call them back and eventually get someone on the phone. They tell me they are going to remove my number from their calling list. They've told me this 6 times as of today. I've keep records. This past Monday they called at 8:45am, 12:15pm, so I called them back. They agreed to take me on their phone list. That same day, they called 4 more times. Since Monday, they have called everyday at least 4 times a day and when I answer, they don't respond. What else can I do?

    5. Jeffrey says:

      I've had 2 missed calls from this number on my cell phone. It's a fairly new cell and nobody (other than family * friends) have the number. This is why i hate Metropcs because they recycle your number and i keep getting all these weird numbers showing up

    6. Hong says:

      I just got a call from that number today as well, I answered it cause I was kinda curious, after saying hello a few times and a few moments of silence went by I got an automated female voice on the other end that simply said "goodbye" after a beep.

    7. Jeffry says:

      I have gotten these calls for over a month now. I even trxted them and asked them to stop. They are never there when I answer and leave something about Young at heart when you call back they never answer

    8. Junior says:

      got call twice but no response on call back.

    9. Willian says:

      They just told me I had to get a green dot card and loan 186.00 on it  I told her I couldnt see is calling back in two Hrs. The last time I did get scammed for 750 dollars and I called the FBI and Western Union on the scum bags and I willl probably never get my money back so NEVER NEVER send them money

    10. Julius says:

      trying to sell cable illegally

    11. Rusty says:

      I got a few phone calls but no message-

    12. Arnoldo says:

      called to verify my ATM strange though i don't have one! be careful.

    13. Edwin says:

      I explained he has a wrong number.

    14. Robt says:

      How do we get these people to stop. I have pressed the "do not call instructions #" they say to press and still receive phone calls.

    15. Vincenzo says:

      Phone rings. I pick up. No response.