203-744 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 203-744-9720
  • 203-744-9721
  • 203-744-9722
  • 203-744-9723
  • 203-744-9724
  • 203-744-9725
  • 203-744-9726
  • 203-744-9727
  • 203-744-9728
  • 203-744-9729
  • 203-744-9730
  • 203-744-9731
  • 203-744-9732
  • 203-744-9733
  • 203-744-9734
  • 203-744-9735
  • 203-744-9736
  • 203-744-9737
  • 203-744-9738
  • 203-744-9739
  • 203-744-9740
  • 203-744-9741
  • 203-744-9742
  • 203-744-9743
  • 203-744-9744
  • 203-744-9745
  • 203-744-9746
  • 203-744-9747
  • 203-744-9748
  • 203-744-9749
  • 203-744-9750
  • 203-744-9751
  • 203-744-9752
  • 203-744-9753
  • 203-744-9754
  • 203-744-9755
  • 203-744-9756
  • 203-744-9757
  • 203-744-9758
  • 203-744-9759

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    1. Cortez says:

      is number comes up with the name Samuel Kamps out of Florida. He is a phone and computer hacker. Be AWARE !!!

    2. Harlan says:

      A recorded loop message giving no details just stating that it is urgent that someone named Angie talk to you and you are given a long distance number to contact. Despite being told you can talk to a person if you press "0" you remain in the loop until you disconnect the call.

    3. Tom says:

      Yep.  Got this as well and for the 4th or 5th time.  

    4. Loyd says:

      He called again, asked if i got the check. i told him i never gave him my info to even send a check. he then told me he would cut my tounge out. i reported it to the police but there is not much they can do since he is from california. it def freeked me out though. im def done with craigslist! this guy is probably some creep trying to scare young girls.

    5. German says:

      Never answers. Always hangs up. Never leaves a message.

    6. Normand says:

      Recorded operator stating they are Bright star credit card and there hAve been some unusual transactions on my card. to verify press a prompt. I don't have a credit card and the number came from California at 1:20am EST, what credit card company is working on a Sunday night at 10:30 pm?

    7. Emmitt says:

      Continuously call. Very unprofessional background noises, including laughing, joking, and bad language. This is scamming at its worse. Where are the Feds?

    8. Eloy says:

      It's a scam to rip people off.  they promise free grant money and steal from people.

    9. Wilford says:

      They have been calling me in the Chicago area at least every other day. This morning October,25th it was at 2:53 AM Central time. I am so angry. They hang up after 4 rings. Tough waking up at that hour....

    10. Mel says:

      Has called my cell 15 times today without leaving a message. I have figured out that the area code is from Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. But I don't know of anyone from there. This is now becoming tiresome!!!

    11. Dorsey says:

      Typical "home security system" scam. They offer a "free" alarm system for your home. The scam revolves around several points:

    12. Ron says:

      This person just does not under what NO meabs

    13. Emile says:

      When you call this number it asks me if id like to remove myself from the call list

    14. Donnie says:

      Rude person that keeps calling asking for the wrong person, then he says I think your lying to me.. Stop calling you have the wrong number

    15. Rueben says:

      Got a text message responding to a Craigslist ad.  The texter used the name McKrahm and that is all the info that he gave.He actually mailed something from California via priority mail so that I could follow the tracking. He intercepted the mail and had it sent back to CA. This is now in the hands of the Postmaster who is tracing the package and this "209" phone number.  I hope they catch the scammer.  Honest and good people try to conduct good business and all the creeps in the world come out of the wordwork.  They'll have a higher power to answer to in the end.