205-835 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 205-835-2402
  • 205-835-2403
  • 205-835-2404
  • 205-835-2405
  • 205-835-2406
  • 205-835-2407
  • 205-835-2408
  • 205-835-2409
  • 205-835-2410
  • 205-835-2411
  • 205-835-2412
  • 205-835-2413
  • 205-835-2414
  • 205-835-2415
  • 205-835-2416
  • 205-835-2417
  • 205-835-2418
  • 205-835-2419
  • 205-835-2420
  • 205-835-2421
  • 205-835-2422
  • 205-835-2423
  • 205-835-2424
  • 205-835-2425
  • 205-835-2426
  • 205-835-2427
  • 205-835-2428
  • 205-835-2429
  • 205-835-2430
  • 205-835-2431
  • 205-835-2432
  • 205-835-2433
  • 205-835-2434
  • 205-835-2435
  • 205-835-2436
  • 205-835-2437
  • 205-835-2438
  • 205-835-2439

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    1. Filiberto says:

      Screened call 9-5-07.  This number was on my caller ID along with Dallas, Texas.  When asked to leave message there was just chatter in background and sounded like my name was mentioned, but not sure.

    2. Kelley says:

      Every time I put something on craigslist they text me Just to see if it's a cell phone If you answer then you will start getting text messages of ads That will lock up your phone

    3. Clyde says:

      i got a call today with them saying i owed 600 for magazine subscriptions, but when i said i never subscribed, they said is this.....  and they proceeded to say my first name but a totally differerent last name.  I told them that was not my last name, and i never had that name and they said they would take it off their list  Lets hope they don't phone me again

    4. Osvaldo says:

      Paul with local results did you know your not listed with google

    5. Brent says:

      I note this 'hoax / scam' has been reported herein since Sept 2011. My wife took the call today at 3:30PM in southern Ontario, Canada. She passed the message "This call is about your computer" followed by a hang-up along to me when I got home. The number showed up as "4 203 051 3739" when I looked at the caller's list.

    6. Irvin says:

      Text: call to claim gift card

    7. Jacques says:

      A few weeks ago I dropped off a resume at the cash store. Yesterday someone called me from this number. They identified themselves as someone from the cash store calling me in for an interview. She left the real number for the cash store in her message and I looked it up online confirming that that is the real cash stores number.

    8. Jean says:

      Trys to write you a check got me when i was green

    9. Ezekiel says:

      I just got a call from them. Like everyone says, some healthcare pitch.

    10. Joseph says:

      This number just called and.woke.me.up but I ended up not answering in time, looks like I didnt miss anything. With it being a WV area.code I almost called it back but I think im going to leave it alone.

    11. Leo says:

      Got 4 calls in 10 minutes from this number, they did not leave a message.

    12. Cole says:

      Whomever it is hangs up. Second time. States Attorneys office should know about this number. Too many complaints.

    13. Christian says:

      Call from 207-990-2241. D B Robicheau. Calls & hangs up. Call back & get a "this phone is not in service" message!

    14. Shelby says:

      Left message on answering machine, identifying herself as "Cindy" at Patient Services. Gave reference # to use when returning call. Message was for person not at the number dialed. I returned call after 6pm to inform that person wanted is not at the number dialed. Number was answered as "offices of patient services"--no other information. Left message to remove number from their file.

    15. Abe says:

      Threatened me numerous times that I'm going to jail and etc...