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    1. Freddy says:

      I don't know who he (the caller) is, but he knows my name...

    2. Darrell says:

      lplease they call me seven time a day seven days a week and dont like me to my phone is 651 460 0544 thank you

    3. Ambrose says:

      Message from "On Time" shipping telling me they have a package to ship out to me. I'm not expecting anything from a company with this name, so it's likely a phishing expedition or scam. Unless you know you're expecting something from a company by this name, I wouldn't recommend calling back. You'll likely get something more than what you're looking for.

    4. Genaro says:

      left same mssg on my office line

    5. Lenny says:

      if you answer they hang up. 'this is a message for____" CLICK.  probably thieves who wanna see if you're home. if youre not home they come and rob you ha

    6. Lee says:

      he is a asshole just warning you dont trust him ever

    7. Manual says:

      they say you've been accepted a grant from the u.s. government. I know it's a spam call because I use a fake name when I have to register for some sites, and they used my fake name. SPAM SPAM SPAM!

    8. Britt says:

      Gotta call from this number,  Wasn't home so I missed it and no message was left (of course).  My caller ID states that the number has a name of Swain Alvis. Thank goodness for sites like this! Will make sure to never answer if they ever decide to call back

    9. Harris says:

      I don't give out my cell phone number, so I was surprised when I got a call from this number.  I didn't answer and there was no message left.  I am on the Pennsylvania "do not call" list, so if it is a salesperson, this is illegal.  Can anybody stop them?  It's so annoying!

    10. Rodolfo says:

      Called them back and had them take me off of the list..They were very nice about it.

    11. Modesto says:

      One call was froma woman one from  a man both usedthe last name of Smih.  They had heavy arabic accents claiming to be from some lawyers office.  I kept hanging up on them bu they are relentless and keep calling back.  The even leave voice mail messags when I don't answer.  They threaten legal action if they are not called back by either me or my attorney.  Nothing seems to scare these people

    12. Seth says:

      I keep looking up this number. Possibly Fireman's Fund charity.

    13. Daryl says:

      This phone number keeps calling my number daily and 1-4 calls a day. 201-215-0217 it is listed as unknown name. When I do answer, no one says anything.

    14. Antonia says:

      stop calling me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Benny says:

      this number keeps calling and leaving no messages.  also texts "please call 209-858-3733"