209-853 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 209-853-2840
  • 209-853-2841
  • 209-853-2842
  • 209-853-2843
  • 209-853-2844
  • 209-853-2845
  • 209-853-2846
  • 209-853-2847
  • 209-853-2848
  • 209-853-2849
  • 209-853-2850
  • 209-853-2851
  • 209-853-2852
  • 209-853-2853
  • 209-853-2854
  • 209-853-2855
  • 209-853-2856
  • 209-853-2857
  • 209-853-2858
  • 209-853-2859
  • 209-853-2860
  • 209-853-2861
  • 209-853-2862
  • 209-853-2863
  • 209-853-2864
  • 209-853-2865
  • 209-853-2866
  • 209-853-2867
  • 209-853-2868
  • 209-853-2869
  • 209-853-2870
  • 209-853-2871
  • 209-853-2872
  • 209-853-2873
  • 209-853-2874
  • 209-853-2875
  • 209-853-2876
  • 209-853-2877
  • 209-853-2878
  • 209-853-2879

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    1. Aron says:

      They call repeatedly at four and 4:30 a.m. from some credit card agency in fact while I was answering one call and she was saying who she was they were calling in on the other line definitely spam

    2. Miquel says:

      About a career and some kind of survey. I blocked their number.

    3. Hollis says:

      Spam text. Got a similar one from a different number last night.

    4. Dirk says:

      I get this same call periodically. I am not sure how they get your info, but it's definitely a scam. They even have my work number! I called back and they threaten with arrest and legal action, but refuse to say what it's regarding. They are very hard to understand with broken English. Don't give them any info!

    5. Willian says:

      Getting calls every day,. no one ever says anything just hangs up.

    6. Jerome says:

      They also called me 6 in the morning. I didnt pick up the call though.

    7. Gabriel says:

      don't talk to this person

    8. Jerry says:

      Phoned and left no message.

    9. Lou says:

      They were an automated call about making money in some business scam.

    10. Jerrold says:

      The called that I recieved from an India native from telephone#2222233333  a male,told me that i had been approved for a grant through Government grant program for the amount of $6,700.00,did I want cash or check(Red Flag ofcourse I wanted cash and check), then ask me my name and address, had I had a bankruptcy in the last twelve months? Was not behind in any of my bills ? (Red flag) I answer No.The male said I must call 12052165097 and speak with his supervisor immediately @12052165097 with a #mk121. I call and recieved a busy signal. the male called back  in about 4 minutes to ask me why i didnot reply imediatelyand insisted that I call the manager" I told him I got a busy signal and heard him ask her are you busy now. That was a red flag for me. So I called back spoke to manager informed her I was on a recorded line she paused and ask me could she call me back in 10 minute I said NO! give me the information now i am in a hurry,she ask my I put you on hold I said NO! she replied that i had been granted $6,700 all I had to do was get something to jot down the address to send them $250.00 in order to recieve my grant. I told her to forget it I was not interested and tried to hang up. There was amessage on my phone id that said check telephone line for about 5minutes(could not recieve or make a call). Is there something that can be done with them tampering with my phone line?

    11. Julius says:

      oh just remembered there's also Sharad Kurma and Sharma Richard nigerian scammer ......the  so called american citizen dont even know the correct spelling of the supposed state they live in ..... its a shame ....if u've been on shaadi for a while u can pick these scammer by the way write emails and most of all my their african accent

    12. Hilario says:

      Received call from this number wanting to loan me money but wanted $99 fee before sending loan money

    13. Fausto says:

      Supposedly be agency to help you find a school

    14. Rigoberto says:

      They call me 10-12 times per day leaving no message. Calls range from 8:30 am until 9:00 pm. Who are these losers and what do they want?

    15. Errol says:

      Telebot. seeks out live phone numbers. if you pick, your number will automatically be sold to every telemarketers the company is affiliated to.