216-487 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 216-487-3920
  • 216-487-3921
  • 216-487-3922
  • 216-487-3923
  • 216-487-3924
  • 216-487-3925
  • 216-487-3926
  • 216-487-3927
  • 216-487-3928
  • 216-487-3929
  • 216-487-3930
  • 216-487-3931
  • 216-487-3932
  • 216-487-3933
  • 216-487-3934
  • 216-487-3935
  • 216-487-3936
  • 216-487-3937
  • 216-487-3938
  • 216-487-3939
  • 216-487-3940
  • 216-487-3941
  • 216-487-3942
  • 216-487-3943
  • 216-487-3944
  • 216-487-3945
  • 216-487-3946
  • 216-487-3947
  • 216-487-3948
  • 216-487-3949
  • 216-487-3950
  • 216-487-3951
  • 216-487-3952
  • 216-487-3953
  • 216-487-3954
  • 216-487-3955
  • 216-487-3956
  • 216-487-3957
  • 216-487-3958
  • 216-487-3959

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    1. Dion says:

      Caller ID shows FedEx, however I called FedEx and they have no record of any FedEx deliveries to my home, nor do they recognize this as one of their numbers.  They left no message and when I call the number there is a constant rapid busy signal.  One of the times I called the number, it rang and rang for a long time, then the ring converted to the same rapid busy signal.  This has to be a hoax but your guess is as good as mine!

    2. Tomas says:

      Person saw my Kijiji add and wanted to SCAM me by offering combined shipping.

    3. Edgardo says:

      It's been 2 years. They're still calling. What a bug-a-boo.

    4. Hugo says:

      Called said they were a "publisher" didn't identify which one and that they were sending out or magazines but didn't want to send us ones we didn't want. I said we didn't order anything and they hung up.

    5. Refugio says:

      this number keeps on call me it's really get on my nerves

    6. Mitchel says:

      I had a missed call on my cell from this number on 08/18/2011 @ 9:20 AM. No message was left.

    7. Fletcher says:

      How do I get them to stop calling me!

    8. Daron says:

      They call me everyday; and my number is on the do not call registry.  Some people

    9. Walker says:

      dont want this person never calling

    10. Alvin says:

      recorded messages for insurance

    11. Armando says:

      Spam. If you want them to stop calling you, just keep calling the number alot of times. It works

    12. Doug says:

      They said they were 911 dispatch and had received a hang up phone call from my cell phone and wanted to see if everything was alright. There were two problems with their claim - one, they are in Tazewell VA and I'm in TN. Two, there was no outgoing calls on my cell phone to their number or 911 or anywhere. I regret calling them back, it was just a natural response to the voice mail they left me. However I'm going to report this to our local authorities and my cell phone provider.

    13. Sang says:

      I think I got scammed too at a local mall rafling off a snowmachine. Got a call from 207347-3023, claiming I won 1 of 5 prizes if I travel to Portland ME.  I think its a scam....any input from anyone would be appreciated.

    14. Toney says:

      It's a scam they've got going on. They claim you borrowed money from a loan company and never paid it back; and now your getting sued by the loan company. They want you to settle out of court by going to get a prepaid card and send it to them.

    15. Guy says:

      This is a church in the Delano section of Wichita. They are trying to do what all churches do; raise donations. I called them back and instructed them to remove my number from their call list immediately.