216-695 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 216-695-4960
  • 216-695-4961
  • 216-695-4962
  • 216-695-4963
  • 216-695-4964
  • 216-695-4965
  • 216-695-4966
  • 216-695-4967
  • 216-695-4968
  • 216-695-4969
  • 216-695-4970
  • 216-695-4971
  • 216-695-4972
  • 216-695-4973
  • 216-695-4974
  • 216-695-4975
  • 216-695-4976
  • 216-695-4977
  • 216-695-4978
  • 216-695-4979
  • 216-695-4980
  • 216-695-4981
  • 216-695-4982
  • 216-695-4983
  • 216-695-4984
  • 216-695-4985
  • 216-695-4986
  • 216-695-4987
  • 216-695-4988
  • 216-695-4989
  • 216-695-4990
  • 216-695-4991
  • 216-695-4992
  • 216-695-4993
  • 216-695-4994
  • 216-695-4995
  • 216-695-4996
  • 216-695-4997
  • 216-695-4998
  • 216-695-4999

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    1. Emanuel says:

      Just Don't Want Too Talk

    2. Charles says:

      This number phoned this morning and when I called back it says the person is not available.

    3. Normand says:

      Steven Day - You are a troll scammer with a fake post - go back to wherever you came from and bother your own people!!!!!

    4. Maxwell says:

      "Make Money" Recorded message phishing

    5. Miquel says:

      i dont have no credit card n when it says it gonna let u talk to a live person it sounds like a computer voice

    6. Merlin says:

      no texts it voice mails please

    7. Dillon says:

      Talked about deseased father nd curses me out

    8. Sammie says:

      Texted me from this number asking numerous questions about my boyfriends and my sex life. After they were denied an answer, they continued to harass me in other ways. No one at my school knows who this number belongs to.

    9. Hans says:

      had dirty sex with this tatooed one off of craigslist.

    10. Kelley says:

      Robo call asking that you hold the line it is very important that we speak to you

    11. Gilbert says:

      Spam. Sends text message urgif.com "it's Katie by the way"

    12. Paris says:

      she is a liar to others God and herself plus selfish and jealous

    13. Joel says:

      Called several times per day. Answered 2 weeks ago and told the gentleman to place me on the do not call list, as the magazine was a gift subscription. He said, Oh I understand OK. Monday received another call, this time a woman. Started to say, quite irritated, that I already requested NO further calls. Just heard, "I'm not taking this today...click". Just a few minutes ago, another call. Lady was not wanting to put us on do not call list because my husband was "not asking politely". He was raising his voice only because it took him saying it 4 times for the lady to understand him! SCAM SCAM SCAM!

    14. Trinidad says:

      I had specifically asked this person which is an ex-friend of mine who I had requested her not to be in contact with me.  She has disrespected my wishes when informing her that I have moved on and it would be best.  She called one night and was talking for two hours just to get past things that happened and let her vent and then I spoke up of how I felt.  Thought about giving her another chance and really don't want to and informed her not to call and it would be if she wants to talk would only be online only as friends and nothing else.

    15. Johnny says:

      Here is the transcript of the voicemail to my vonage number -"5995 for unlimited vents to a single furnace. We will also include a free dryer vent cleaning. To prevent fire hazard and a free furnace inspection. To hear more about this offer, please press one or press two to be removed"