218-596 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 218-596-4080
  • 218-596-4081
  • 218-596-4082
  • 218-596-4083
  • 218-596-4084
  • 218-596-4085
  • 218-596-4086
  • 218-596-4087
  • 218-596-4088
  • 218-596-4089
  • 218-596-4090
  • 218-596-4091
  • 218-596-4092
  • 218-596-4093
  • 218-596-4094
  • 218-596-4095
  • 218-596-4096
  • 218-596-4097
  • 218-596-4098
  • 218-596-4099
  • 218-596-4100
  • 218-596-4101
  • 218-596-4102
  • 218-596-4103
  • 218-596-4104
  • 218-596-4105
  • 218-596-4106
  • 218-596-4107
  • 218-596-4108
  • 218-596-4109
  • 218-596-4110
  • 218-596-4111
  • 218-596-4112
  • 218-596-4113
  • 218-596-4114
  • 218-596-4115
  • 218-596-4116
  • 218-596-4117
  • 218-596-4118
  • 218-596-4119

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    1. Aubrey says:

      Rec'd a call from this number.  I did not answer the phone, caller did not leave a message.

    2. Hong says:

      This user as called me 2x this morning with a lot of static coming from their line. I always get hung up on.Do. Not. Answer. It's spam.

    3. Nicky says:

      They are a scam, very very vulgar language. They also threaten you and your familys, you can tell them not to call and they will. They called my work phone 14 times in a row! They dont care and feel like they wont get in trouble. I have never had someone call me such names over the phone, no man in general should speak to a woman this way. STAY CLEAR FROM THIS NUMBER AND THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! They just want to try and get money thats not owed...

    4. Lyle says:

      sent me a text wanting to know if I wanted to buy a car for $5000

    5. Dane says:

      They wait til u answer then hang up.

    6. Colton says:

      Called and left no message.  Shows as Unknown Name on Caller ID.  I am just not answering any calls that I don't recognize anymore.  All the calls I get lately are showing up on these posts.  They either hang-up or leave no message.

    7. Hung says:

      Education call center. Dont know how they got my number!

    8. Fredric says:

      Someone I know works for Wells Fargo in the refinance department and has called from that number so it really is from Wells Fargo

    9. Riley says:

      Received a call from a strong accented "Jeff", who claimed he's from Sacramento at this number, he was trying to purchase laptops, when I told him we didn't carry then in stock, and would have to order them, he wanted to fast track them. I asked if they were for a business or home, he said business. I asked the name of his business, he said "Jeff". I again questioned him, he said "Jeff's computers". While he was on the phone, searched his number - found that it's a laptop ordering fraud on several sites.

    10. Ike says:

      Sent me a random, poorly worded text about some new law and how he was beastly and people treated him like royalty. I played along with his mistake. He then claimed I was blocking his number and spammed near 30 texts declaring such.

    11. Tyrell says:

      Answered the phone and no one was there.

    12. Hobert says:

      503 902-8127 was first call - press 1 to be removed, pressed 1, 5 min. later got a call from 347 793-9528 telling me he could lower interest rate on credit cards. I told him no, then he started with sexual remarks ending with a death threat.My number is listed on dnc registry has been for years. Filed a complaint on both #'s

    13. Herschel says:

      I did not call u. Don't have your#

    14. Virgil says:

      Peta? How about you call someone more important, I am 12 years old and recently lost my dog. He had to be put down b/c his large intestine exploded. I was bawling and showed the text to my parents and they took my phone away for hanging out with such animals. What kind of jerk sends such a mean pic?

    15. Pete says:

      Call received on July 29th 1:00PM. Seems to be a marketing company. Automated System gives the option to be removed from their calling list, however I have opted out twice and I continue to receive calls.