218-722 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 218-722-5720
  • 218-722-5721
  • 218-722-5722
  • 218-722-5723
  • 218-722-5724
  • 218-722-5725
  • 218-722-5726
  • 218-722-5727
  • 218-722-5728
  • 218-722-5729
  • 218-722-5730
  • 218-722-5731
  • 218-722-5732
  • 218-722-5733
  • 218-722-5734
  • 218-722-5735
  • 218-722-5736
  • 218-722-5737
  • 218-722-5738
  • 218-722-5739
  • 218-722-5740
  • 218-722-5741
  • 218-722-5742
  • 218-722-5743
  • 218-722-5744
  • 218-722-5745
  • 218-722-5746
  • 218-722-5747
  • 218-722-5748
  • 218-722-5749
  • 218-722-5750
  • 218-722-5751
  • 218-722-5752
  • 218-722-5753
  • 218-722-5754
  • 218-722-5755
  • 218-722-5756
  • 218-722-5757
  • 218-722-5758
  • 218-722-5759

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    1. Nigel says:

      Investigator Lynn just contacted me. Total fraud case wish he only knew I'm studying law in school right now and I google any # that contacts me that I dont know from a state that i've never been too

    2. Van says:

      This person has been calling me for 3 weeks, laughing and then hanging up.

    3. Virgilio says:

      some kind of drug counseling for women don't know how they got my number

    4. Billie says:

      Credit Card Rate Reduction Discount, considering we are on the DNC list this is blantantly against the law.

    5. Lonny says:

      I'm in Ohio, and at 10pm this number called me. my 1yr old niece, 4yr old nephew, and my nieces that are 5and 8 are all sleeping when this number called. Its stupid!!!

    6. Gil says:

      I got a few text messages from this number. They stated that they were heading for ca and would be empty on Sept. 5th and would call when they got the order from there. Another time they asked about a birth date for an aunt. The texter claimed to be someone named Mike and was from Maine. When I asked for their last name they stopped texting.

    7. Blaine says:

      someone called from this number wanting to know what my phone was

    8. Alphonse says:

      I keep getting a call from this number, a man leaves a message saying he is Patrick Martin and says its about a legal case against me, but won't state what exactly it is about it.  He asked that I call him back, so I do and I always get someone else, they take a message, I told them to have him call me and that I want all the details of what this is about.  He calls and still says the same thing, and this man has a foreign accent, hard to understand him, and says that I committed a crime.  How could I have committed a crime in Seattle, WA.  I live in NY.

    9. Lupe says:

      Just before 10pm. Call from above number. I did not recognize so I let go to voicemail. Sounded as if the person held the phone to a loud radio for about half a minute then hung up. This number is no one I know.

    10. Hershel says:


    11. Rolf says:

      Trying to sell me magazines from bublisher

    12. Elisha says:

      tengo una llamada perdida de este numero esta manana y quiero saber de donde es y quien llama me sorprendi cuando busque la info en internet y veo que no soy la unica. i got a missed call from this number this morning around 11.30 i want to know what number this is and who is calling, i googled it and was surprised to know that many people are getting these calls

    13. Antone says:

      No idea. Unintelligible message.

    14. Bradly says:

      We have had tons of money taken out of our account to the tune of 1000 bucks

    15. Kraig says:

      Texting me to vote. Don't know this person, I pay for texting. Obnoxious.