218-993 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 218-993-2880
  • 218-993-2881
  • 218-993-2882
  • 218-993-2883
  • 218-993-2884
  • 218-993-2885
  • 218-993-2886
  • 218-993-2887
  • 218-993-2888
  • 218-993-2889
  • 218-993-2890
  • 218-993-2891
  • 218-993-2892
  • 218-993-2893
  • 218-993-2894
  • 218-993-2895
  • 218-993-2896
  • 218-993-2897
  • 218-993-2898
  • 218-993-2899
  • 218-993-2900
  • 218-993-2901
  • 218-993-2902
  • 218-993-2903
  • 218-993-2904
  • 218-993-2905
  • 218-993-2906
  • 218-993-2907
  • 218-993-2908
  • 218-993-2909
  • 218-993-2910
  • 218-993-2911
  • 218-993-2912
  • 218-993-2913
  • 218-993-2914
  • 218-993-2915
  • 218-993-2916
  • 218-993-2917
  • 218-993-2918
  • 218-993-2919

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    1. Valentine says:

      # 979-922-6436 Left no message.

    2. Jeremy says:

      They are calling for my sister in-law who has nerver lived with.Please stop calling!!

    3. Foster says:

      Ask u if u wanna go back to school

    4. Phillip says:

      Got a call from this number. No message left -.-

    5. Marcellus says:

      I got a text from this number with a link to an ecard.Heres a interesting eCARD for you http://profile73.specialecard.net

    6. Eugenio says:

      Delaware (302) Area Code KBM backdoor tel#.

    7. Randell says:

      Getting repeatedly called by a recording with this number popping up on the caller ID regarding "my credit card."

    8. Rolland says:

      Girls be careful; I recently had a run in with this creep after I got a call that a director looking for Asian actresses for a movie being shot in Beverly Hills the next day and promised $500 to $1000.When I got there it turned out to be just a bar, there was no crew, no set, no movie, nothing was being filmed, he just wanted to find Asian girls to fill his bar.Other actors have also reported that this same guy claims to be shooting various music videos, always in the Beverly Hills area. But there is never any film, he just wants people to come to his club.His e-mail "runjjc2010@gmail.com" is also reported as a known scammer, look it up on any search engine.

    9. Rhett says:

      had a listing on craigslist, he's trying to buy an item without being in person, i just had a bad feeling when reading his texts that it's not for real. He calls himself Kevin or Ricky total scam!

    10. Marion says:

      Bill from Price Distribution, won a Lincoln Navigator.  Did not enter a contest.  Left message to call back 1-800-301-3436.

    11. Cruz says:

      Calling and hanging up. Then when you call the number back it says press different numbers for prizes, which is false

    12. Spencer says:

      Text msg: Do you need some money this week?......etc.

    13. Ray says:

      Automated message to save home from foreclosure by pressing 1 to be contacted to the Home preservation department. This time I reached Lola who told me that their company's purpose is loss mitigation, meaning they can lower a person's mortgage interest rate without the need for a refinance. They take on any mortgage with an interest rate over 2%. They contact the lender and renegotiate the lower rate and lower payment schedule without the need for refinance. She stated the name of the company she works for is Nationwide Preservation Company. She said there is a fee for this service. She would not tell me the fee because she said it is decided on a case by case basis after the mortgage paperwork is received from the applicant to them. Her call back number was different than the caller ID. Her call back number is (310) 307-3590

    14. Antonio says:

      Dont know this #. Calls all the time.

    15. Sherwood says:

      Went spam text for "best buy customers".