219-871 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 219-871-4840
  • 219-871-4841
  • 219-871-4842
  • 219-871-4843
  • 219-871-4844
  • 219-871-4845
  • 219-871-4846
  • 219-871-4847
  • 219-871-4848
  • 219-871-4849
  • 219-871-4850
  • 219-871-4851
  • 219-871-4852
  • 219-871-4853
  • 219-871-4854
  • 219-871-4855
  • 219-871-4856
  • 219-871-4857
  • 219-871-4858
  • 219-871-4859
  • 219-871-4860
  • 219-871-4861
  • 219-871-4862
  • 219-871-4863
  • 219-871-4864
  • 219-871-4865
  • 219-871-4866
  • 219-871-4867
  • 219-871-4868
  • 219-871-4869
  • 219-871-4870
  • 219-871-4871
  • 219-871-4872
  • 219-871-4873
  • 219-871-4874
  • 219-871-4875
  • 219-871-4876
  • 219-871-4877
  • 219-871-4878
  • 219-871-4879

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    1. Duncan says:

      when I  dialed back. says the nextel phone you are calling is unavaiable at this time. ????  no clue why or who??

    2. Giovanni says:

      I just received a call from this company. The operator, with a thick accent, claimed to be from Ameren electric and wanted to offer a deal on electricity. The woman asked to speak with the person who handles the bill. I told her my grandmother could not hear on the phone. She than asked to speak to my grandma. I carefully explained that my grandmother was hearing impaired. I seem to have this issue with foreign phone operators. (English-speaking operators not in the United States.) Though I have had a couple in the United States. I tried calling ComEd to give up a heads up on a possible scam. Finding a phone number for ComEd required finding a different site as they don't have one listed for nonemergencies that's easy to find. I recommend calling your electric company if you get one of these calls to make sure you weren't switched without your permission.

    3. Olen says:

      text contents: "hey guys! I'm at dinner right now and i'm talking about how much i miss you guys! and my parents told me that if i tried lobster i could go back for 8 weeks so i am! i love and miss you guys so much and i don't know what i'd do without you!"

    4. Austin says:

      harassment text messages.

    5. Allan says:

      Received same call from Federal Financial Group.  They asked three questions:   My Age range, my income range (top was 40,000 up), and a time to meet with me to discuss insurance options.  Said that just by meeting with them, they would provide me a scratch card that I could win one of 4 prizes, guanteed..  (Ford Explorer, 27" Flat screen, trip to Bahamas, or $2,500 in cash.

    6. Jerry says:

      Called and of course left no message.

    7. Brendon says:

      Looks like you spoke a wee bit too soon about the improved grammar skills (see shill post below)!!

    8. Odell says:

      mine said "get up to 5000 today easy quick and all online at

    9. Alphonse says:

      They keep calling me and when I pick up they don't answer

    10. Claude says:

      Spam calls Allstate insurance

    11. Angel says:

      Calls to my cell phone from this number started a week ago and call every weekend about 2-3 times a day. Since I do not recognize the number I never answer and they do not leave a message. As I just got another call from this number I decided to check it out and see where it is coming from. Looks like the area code is in Utah and I found this sight. Sounds like some kind of scam. These people need to be stopped.

    12. Ezekiel says:

      I don't have Verizon Wireless. I have a TMobile pay as you go cell phone! Just got a call from this number. I rejected it. And then blocked it. Very annoying.

    13. Carmelo says:

      I am getting text messages stating: Bad Credit, No Equity, Behind on your payments,not behind, want lower payment? interest rates as low as 2% fixed, of so reply "help" to opt out reply "stop" my reply .... Fu@K off...

    14. Riley says:

      Got A text message which is a phishing scam , staying away from theis number and do not respond

    15. Antoine says:

      received 3 calls from them , they leave no messages , i have call control on my phone so their just wasting time . i think its probably a bill collector looking for the girl that had this phone before me that never paid any of her bills .