219-871 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 219-871-4840
  • 219-871-4841
  • 219-871-4842
  • 219-871-4843
  • 219-871-4844
  • 219-871-4845
  • 219-871-4846
  • 219-871-4847
  • 219-871-4848
  • 219-871-4849
  • 219-871-4850
  • 219-871-4851
  • 219-871-4852
  • 219-871-4853
  • 219-871-4854
  • 219-871-4855
  • 219-871-4856
  • 219-871-4857
  • 219-871-4858
  • 219-871-4859
  • 219-871-4860
  • 219-871-4861
  • 219-871-4862
  • 219-871-4863
  • 219-871-4864
  • 219-871-4865
  • 219-871-4866
  • 219-871-4867
  • 219-871-4868
  • 219-871-4869
  • 219-871-4870
  • 219-871-4871
  • 219-871-4872
  • 219-871-4873
  • 219-871-4874
  • 219-871-4875
  • 219-871-4876
  • 219-871-4877
  • 219-871-4878
  • 219-871-4879

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    1. Duncan says:

      when I  dialed back. says the nextel phone you are calling is unavaiable at this time. ????  no clue why or who??

    2. Giovanni says:

      I just received a call from this company. The operator, with a thick accent, claimed to be from Ameren electric and wanted to offer a deal on electricity. The woman asked to speak with the person who handles the bill. I told her my grandmother could not hear on the phone. She than asked to speak to my grandma. I carefully explained that my grandmother was hearing impaired. I seem to have this issue with foreign phone operators. (English-speaking operators not in the United States.) Though I have had a couple in the United States. I tried calling ComEd to give up a heads up on a possible scam. Finding a phone number for ComEd required finding a different site as they don't have one listed for nonemergencies that's easy to find. I recommend calling your electric company if you get one of these calls to make sure you weren't switched without your permission.

    3. Olen says:

      text contents: "hey guys! I'm at dinner right now and i'm talking about how much i miss you guys! and my parents told me that if i tried lobster i could go back for 8 weeks so i am! i love and miss you guys so much and i don't know what i'd do without you!"

    4. Austin says:

      harassment text messages.

    5. Allan says:

      Received same call from Federal Financial Group.  They asked three questions:   My Age range, my income range (top was 40,000 up), and a time to meet with me to discuss insurance options.  Said that just by meeting with them, they would provide me a scratch card that I could win one of 4 prizes, guanteed..  (Ford Explorer, 27" Flat screen, trip to Bahamas, or $2,500 in cash.

    6. Jerry says:

      Called and of course left no message.

    7. Bud says:

      Calls from this number are usually received in the evening, at night, and on the weekends. Calling repeatedly non-stop using all telephone lines including fax lines and internet lines in the homes and in the offices including all lines that re registered as 'do not call'.

    8. Herman says:

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    9. Dewey says:

      sends me a link to a website

    10. Brendon says:

      Looks like you spoke a wee bit too soon about the improved grammar skills (see shill post below)!!

    11. Odell says:

      mine said "get up to 5000 today easy quick and all online at

    12. Alphonse says:

      They keep calling me and when I pick up they don't answer

    13. Claude says:

      Spam calls Allstate insurance

    14. Angel says:

      Calls to my cell phone from this number started a week ago and call every weekend about 2-3 times a day. Since I do not recognize the number I never answer and they do not leave a message. As I just got another call from this number I decided to check it out and see where it is coming from. Looks like the area code is in Utah and I found this sight. Sounds like some kind of scam. These people need to be stopped.

    15. Ezekiel says:

      I don't have Verizon Wireless. I have a TMobile pay as you go cell phone! Just got a call from this number. I rejected it. And then blocked it. Very annoying.