228-522 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 228-522-9240
  • 228-522-9241
  • 228-522-9242
  • 228-522-9243
  • 228-522-9244
  • 228-522-9245
  • 228-522-9246
  • 228-522-9247
  • 228-522-9248
  • 228-522-9249
  • 228-522-9250
  • 228-522-9251
  • 228-522-9252
  • 228-522-9253
  • 228-522-9254
  • 228-522-9255
  • 228-522-9256
  • 228-522-9257
  • 228-522-9258
  • 228-522-9259
  • 228-522-9260
  • 228-522-9261
  • 228-522-9262
  • 228-522-9263
  • 228-522-9264
  • 228-522-9265
  • 228-522-9266
  • 228-522-9267
  • 228-522-9268
  • 228-522-9269
  • 228-522-9270
  • 228-522-9271
  • 228-522-9272
  • 228-522-9273
  • 228-522-9274
  • 228-522-9275
  • 228-522-9276
  • 228-522-9277
  • 228-522-9278
  • 228-522-9279

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    1. Andre says:

      don't do he play a game like to got the money don't have the money or with you you gotta fight the m************ get out the room

    2. Lazaro says:

      I don't want to receive such phone call as I am not interested. How can I make them stop.

    3. Clemente says:

      block this number please

    4. Terrell says:

      I'm sure they got my number from a Craigslist posting - http://www.dirtcheapdigits.com/I know how to post on Craigslist, why do I need them?

    5. Porfirio says:

      He call me saying I had credit card charges that where usual, but it was a female recording then began to laugh at the end of the call, I know the call was a recording because it was talking to itself with me replying,

    6. Milford says:

      Received a call today on my cell and didn't answer...AND my number is on the Do Not Call List!!! Of course there's no message left. Annoying to say the least!

    7. Albert says:

      Received a text saying that Apple is looking for people to "text & keep" an iPad 3. Pretty weird that Apple would beta test a product that's already out of beta.

    8. Sanford says:

      They have called me months apart at work claiming i am under investigation by fed.  I said please take my number off of your list, I am tired of being scammed, he said no worries.  COMPLETE HACKER SOMEHOW OBTAINING ENOUGH INFO TO SCARE PPL.  DON'T BUY IT!!!

    9. Maurice says:

      You what I did since they called constantly I called them constantly and harassed them the same way until they remove my number I will be making sure they will never want to call me again

    10. Ashley says:

      I have recieved calls from them for a week and today I decided to talk to them. Its a HUGE SCAM! They want your credit card info to charge you 2.95 for a 100.00 walmart gift card. They claim they already have you card information and address BUT they need you to confirm it. BullS****! They also claim that the gift card has you name on it and is ready to be shipped to you so "be a smart customer" and take the 100.00. I cursed him out so bad that he even offered 200.00!!! So then I was like if I ask for 500.00 will I get that. Stupids! So plz dont fall for the hype. I have an android phone so I will be blocking them bc the do not call option is a scam too. They will continue to call. Sorry Guys.

    11. Joesph says:

      An automated system claims to have news about lowering your credit card rates.  If you press "1" to talk to them, they don't know who you are, or what credit card you hold. This is the second time they have called.  When I asked to be removed from the call list, the man was rude to me, made fun of me, and, eventually, hung up.  

    12. Mack says:

      This number calls,but dosen't say anything.Sometimes goes to voicemail,but when called there's just a short weird noise.Usually calls me in evening hours.

    13. Mario says:

      They keep calling at my company asking for the manager-director of the company. It seems they dont like that it is a woman in this position and they shut the phone down! they called again today and said that they will send a fax , after I said it was me the manager...

    14. Wilfred says:

      I get many unsolicited calls. This is non-sense.

    15. Landon says:

      I just got a text from this number as well.  Same stupid stuff.  How do I report it?