248-421 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 248-421-6040
  • 248-421-6041
  • 248-421-6042
  • 248-421-6043
  • 248-421-6044
  • 248-421-6045
  • 248-421-6046
  • 248-421-6047
  • 248-421-6048
  • 248-421-6049
  • 248-421-6050
  • 248-421-6051
  • 248-421-6052
  • 248-421-6053
  • 248-421-6054
  • 248-421-6055
  • 248-421-6056
  • 248-421-6057
  • 248-421-6058
  • 248-421-6059
  • 248-421-6060
  • 248-421-6061
  • 248-421-6062
  • 248-421-6063
  • 248-421-6064
  • 248-421-6065
  • 248-421-6066
  • 248-421-6067
  • 248-421-6068
  • 248-421-6069
  • 248-421-6070
  • 248-421-6071
  • 248-421-6072
  • 248-421-6073
  • 248-421-6074
  • 248-421-6075
  • 248-421-6076
  • 248-421-6077
  • 248-421-6078
  • 248-421-6079

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    1. Clayton says:

      Received 4 calls beginning at 8PM 4/21/2013 from the above number. I do not know anyone in Ft. Myers, FL so I did not answer. The calling party did not leave a voice mail.

    2. Keneth says:

      Wwhy is this guy not stopped? Tried to rip me off big time on craigs listed

    3. Romeo says:

      - negCL.......goof....complete waste..

    4. Luke says:

      Just got a call from this number. Did not leave a message. First time for this number and I do get a lot of hangups! (I keep track of them all)

    5. Sammy says:

      Me too, submitting complaint

    6. Kermit says:

      They have been calling for several  weeks, sometimes mulitpull times per day, they ask for the owner, he does not take sales calls so I say he is not avliable, then they go down the list asking for sales manager, internet manager, etc.

    7. Hector says:

      SPAM!! Claims they are AT&T and I have exceeded by monthly data plan. I have verizon! Do not text STOP will only prove it is a working number. You will be billed. Not in the texting plan.

    8. Bernardo says:

      Looked @ notes from other people stated spam was was from microsoft and computer had a virus.

    9. Kip says:

      Responding to an advert on Edinburgh Gumtree, provided an email address which I emailed back, only to get an email from someone saying they are in Malaysia. They will organise transportation and happy to pay through Paypal. Not responding to this as it is clearly a scam.

    10. Eliseo says:

      This call came at 5:27 a.m. and 5:28 a.m. I didn't answer the 1st call. Answered 2nd less than a min. after 1st. No one responded but I heard some beeps then the connection ended!

    11. Eliseo says:

      Imperial recovery services. Collection agency.

    12. Clair says:

      caller has been calling everyday for the past week or so but never leaves a message....still don't know what or who it is from.

    13. Carson says:

      These people identified themshelves as Bankcard Merchant Services. I am not now nor do I expect to be a merchant; therefore, I do not now nor do I expect to need merchant services. I have repeatedly instructed the telemarketer to add me to their "Do Not Call" list. That has not worked. I returned their call once, but did not get a "Do Not Call" option.

    14. Marion says:

      Keeps calling and texting me!

    15. Maximo says:

      Hello.  I agree that it has something to do with A&E.  I had a service call with them on my Maytag dryer which I purchased from Home Depot.  Two days after that service,  I started receiving calls from this number.  I don't pick up calls on my cell that I don't know and they don't leave a message.  When I called the number I get a fast-busy.