248-742 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 248-742-8848
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  • 248-742-8851
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  • 248-742-8855
  • 248-742-8856
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  • 248-742-8859
  • 248-742-8860
  • 248-742-8861
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  • 248-742-8866
  • 248-742-8867
  • 248-742-8868
  • 248-742-8869
  • 248-742-8870
  • 248-742-8871
  • 248-742-8872
  • 248-742-8873
  • 248-742-8874
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    1. Bryan says:

      got 3 call,didnt leave message

    2. Brent says:

      I have been dealing with this jerk for 6 months now. My attorny sent me to the Attorney Generals office of Texas. They are not interested in stopping this. I am going to my local news paper with the the facts and several recordings. This week. I am going to do what ever I can to help whoever is willing to go after these bubs. I have 9 different call numbers and 9 different call back numbers.

    3. Christian says:

      They keep saying I won a gift card

    4. Elliot says:

      make sure you don't have to pass a spelling check for a new card or you'll be out of luck!

    5. Moises says:

      Annoying calls all day everyday

    6. Avery says:

      I've been receiving calls from 661-210-4682 a lot lately - messages are being left by a foreign woman who doesn't pronounce my name correctly. She says that I or my attorney needs to call them immediately "to resolve the issue", but she doesn't say who the company is nor the "issue". I'm sure this is a scam. I don't owe anyone money. Unfortunately, my telephone number was entered in a lot of online searches in the past, so this might be the root of this. Luckily, I have Lifelock, but it's still disturbing to be harassed like this. Everyone beware - don't call these people back!

    7. Morris says:

      Texting web links to my cell and knew my name.

    8. Brain says:

      I have this person on block , he still won't stop trying to get thru. He has tried getting thru at least 40 times today. He has very filthy mouth. I want it stopped,my nerves can't take any more...!

    9. Jame says:

      They call every day at least 5 times a day and it is very annoying

    10. Clay says:

      so annoying thirsty pimp trying to scam women!!!

    11. Bradford says:

      Just answered a phone call from this number, there was no talking, just silence,  My caller ID said Throrughbred something......  I am also on the do not call ist.

    12. Chuck says:

      Robo-call from Tamaroff Honda (Southfield, MI).

    13. Harley says:

      Very crude and traffic on the phone and cheap

    14. Raleigh says:

      I keep receiving calls from this number asking for someone I have never heard of. They refuse take me off their auto-dial list. They call 5-10 times a day from 8a.m. to 9 p.m. They use up my cell phone minutes. They refuse to give me any info. so that I call send a cease and decease letter. I swear what these people do should be illegal, if I knew how to make it illegal I would, beause it is unfair that when you get a new cell-phone plan (and the number belonged to a previous debtor, apparently), that these collectors can cost you money by burning through your minutes, blowing up your cell, be abusive and rude, when you owe them absolutely nothing, have never done business with these people! Why should I be punished for a complete stranger's debt?

    15. Bennett says:

      Hey there, I have been receiving these types of calles since last summer.  The first time I actually paniced but once I verified everything with my bank and the actual company, I knew I had nothing to worry about.  I actually went through this just last week again but this time the f******n idiots had every piece of information including my bank routing and account number along with my debit card.  I was lucky enough to have gotten the name of the company and verify that I had no account with them. These specialists just told me to ignore their calls, file a formal complaint with the FTC, and in my case change all my bank information since they had everything with them.  Good luck!