252-388 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 252-388-9680
  • 252-388-9681
  • 252-388-9682
  • 252-388-9683
  • 252-388-9684
  • 252-388-9685
  • 252-388-9686
  • 252-388-9687
  • 252-388-9688
  • 252-388-9689
  • 252-388-9690
  • 252-388-9691
  • 252-388-9692
  • 252-388-9693
  • 252-388-9694
  • 252-388-9695
  • 252-388-9696
  • 252-388-9697
  • 252-388-9698
  • 252-388-9699
  • 252-388-9700
  • 252-388-9701
  • 252-388-9702
  • 252-388-9703
  • 252-388-9704
  • 252-388-9705
  • 252-388-9706
  • 252-388-9707
  • 252-388-9708
  • 252-388-9709
  • 252-388-9710
  • 252-388-9711
  • 252-388-9712
  • 252-388-9713
  • 252-388-9714
  • 252-388-9715
  • 252-388-9716
  • 252-388-9717
  • 252-388-9718
  • 252-388-9719

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    1. Junior says:

      I have been getting a call every night around 7p-8p from 209-467- numbers, various last 4 digits. This is the Pacific student call center, looking for Alumni donations.  When you answer, no one is there... and when you call back you get an automated response. Annoying.

    2. Major says:

      Undercover Police Prostitution Cop

    3. Victor says:

      They called and I picked up, no answer!

    4. Jake says:

      They call and hang up everyday

    5. Edwin says:

      Call this morning. No msg left. ID says "Wash DC Call".

    6. Dewayne says:

      323-404-9261is a FRAUDULENT number. It is NOT VERIZON;it is SCAMMERS posing as Verizon. Google the number & you will see that those who have actually spoken to these people have been asked for their account password, which Verizon will never do. Also, since when has Verizon started leaving a long distance toll call number for its customers to return calls. Cheap scammers--won't even pay to get a toll-free number.

    7. Dominic says:

      I got a call today from an unknown number.  A man with a very thick Indian accent claimed that he was calling from Windows support and that my computer was sending out signals that it had some dangerous viruses.  If I was near my computer he could help me clean it up.  I told him that my computer is fully protected by Norton but he insisted that these are viruses Norton would not pick up.  I told him what he was saying did not sound right and that I needed to verify the call, could he give me a number to call.  The first number he gave me was 44 20 32 39 66 60 which I told him was ridiculous and not a real number.  Then he gave me 800-22 40 20 which I informed him was also wrong because it was not complete.  The last number he gave me was 1-209-779-5007 which he said was their U.S. support line.  I immediately googled this last number and found myself here.  Thanks to you all for posting.

    8. Jody says:

      They called around 9:30am and didn't leave a message.

    9. Dwain says:

      I've received more than 10 text messages from thses phoney banks or credit unions.  Is there any authority we could report this so they will go after these crooks?  If we couldn't crack these operations what is the purpose of all of these technical advances.

    10. Nathaniel says:

      crap call from Comodo trying to sell internet security. extemelty annoying

    11. Anton says:

      blank call from number 114-556-4100

    12. Hai says:

      yeah, these assclowns called me and said that I am signed up for $3.69 a week for magazine subscriptions, then they transferred me to the "supervisor" who was saying the same thing and that I should ignore any other calls from magazine people as they would handle me. When I started pressing who they were and if this was a fraudulent call, they started to give me the run around. I asked for her name and including last name, she said she didn't have one and i said that I have your information and phone number and time of call and would be calling the BBB and police for fraud scams. They hung up after that.

    13. Ignacio says:

      Diane Hill Walton trying 2 get doubts n my relationship...

    14. Joesph says:

      the person with this number keeps texting my daughter and refuses to tell who it is.

    15. Henry says:

      Same thing here. I was charged and not given any product. They still call a few times a year. Years a purchased some software from them that was really great but now no one ever comes to the line when you call them back.