252-547 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 252-547-9240
  • 252-547-9241
  • 252-547-9242
  • 252-547-9243
  • 252-547-9244
  • 252-547-9245
  • 252-547-9246
  • 252-547-9247
  • 252-547-9248
  • 252-547-9249
  • 252-547-9250
  • 252-547-9251
  • 252-547-9252
  • 252-547-9253
  • 252-547-9254
  • 252-547-9255
  • 252-547-9256
  • 252-547-9257
  • 252-547-9258
  • 252-547-9259
  • 252-547-9260
  • 252-547-9261
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  • 252-547-9278
  • 252-547-9279

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    1. Romeo says:

      Same here, got a call right now and no voice mail.

    2. Grady says:

      Offering to help with bills

    3. Jim says:

      Your computer is about to crash. How do they know !

    4. Robby says:

      Recorded message...I hate those!

    5. Weldon says:

      call everyday no one there. call a few times a day

    6. Errol says:

      He called again, asked if i got the check. i told him i never gave him my info to even send a check. he then told me he would cut my tounge out. i reported it to the police but there is not much they can do since he is from california. it def freeked me out though. im def done with craigslist! this guy is probably some creep trying to scare young girls.

    7. Vaughn says:

      Calls everyday atleast 3 times. I never answer and they never leave a message

    8. Merrill says:

      I got a call from this number so I Googled it, which led me here.  They did not leave a message on the answering machine.  I knew it was from the Austin area as I live in the Houston area and just know the area codes in Texas (the bigger metroplexes obviously).

    9. Man says:

      Called at just after 3 AM.... then hung up.

    10. Daryl says:

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    11. Waldo says:

      They have called a few times in the past week asking for my ex-husband, who I kicked out 2 1/2 years ago.  They don't care when I fish for information before telling them he doesn't live here anymore.  In fact, they call back the next day!  Once they said he had applied online for college grant money, and I laughed my head off.  He never went past 10th grade, and it shows.  Stupid as sin.  Last night when they called they told me he had applied on line for "free money" from the government.  Again I laughed.  I told the chick he's been getting free money from the government his whole life since he has never once filed taxes in the almost 35 years he has been working.  I only wish the people at this number spoke better English so we could understand each other.  I would not be surprised if it's one of those trick things to catch my idiot ex-husband (OMG they just called while I'm writing this!) who owes gazillions of dollars to the world.  Remember the Cops episode when they sent postcards to a bunch of people with warrants saying if they showed up at such-and-such a place, they would get a free TV?  Then when they showed up, they got arrested.  Betcha this is something like that.  BTW, I was only married to this jerk for 5 years and we never had kids, so I'm trying to block him out!!!!  LOL  After writing a book about him ...

    12. Boris says:

      just got a call from a "like, awesome" student representing the "like" UW Whitewater Parent Fund asking how our child's 1st year experience is going and if we could make a donation. I asked if we could donate our $4000 Visa bill for spring semester. Guess that's not what they were looking for. Like not awesome. This fund spends over $300,000 in just fundraising fees alone.

    13. Alberto says:

      got a call from 270-450-0869 too. Said she was doing a survey to see how to make improvements in Iowa. Since when does Kentucky care about conditions in Iowa? I won't be answering that number again.

    14. Jordon says:

      They knew you had an absentee ballot because that is public knowledge.  The Secretary of State gets an update everyday from every local clerk's office and the SOS must give it to anyone that asks.

    15. Ariel says:

      Unknown possibly home security salesman