253-550 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 253-550-0200
  • 253-550-0201
  • 253-550-0202
  • 253-550-0203
  • 253-550-0204
  • 253-550-0205
  • 253-550-0206
  • 253-550-0207
  • 253-550-0208
  • 253-550-0209
  • 253-550-0210
  • 253-550-0211
  • 253-550-0212
  • 253-550-0213
  • 253-550-0214
  • 253-550-0215
  • 253-550-0216
  • 253-550-0217
  • 253-550-0218
  • 253-550-0219
  • 253-550-0220
  • 253-550-0221
  • 253-550-0222
  • 253-550-0223
  • 253-550-0224
  • 253-550-0225
  • 253-550-0226
  • 253-550-0227
  • 253-550-0228
  • 253-550-0229
  • 253-550-0230
  • 253-550-0231
  • 253-550-0232
  • 253-550-0233
  • 253-550-0234
  • 253-550-0235
  • 253-550-0236
  • 253-550-0237
  • 253-550-0238
  • 253-550-0239

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    1. Weston says:

      Robo-call political message left by Seattle City Council candidate Mike O'Brian for the current (Oct. 2009) election complaining about tactics of his opponent in the race.

    2. Landon says:

      Amador City Bail Agents offers Jail Information, Bail Information, Bail Agent, Bail Bondsman, Bail Bonds Service in Amador City, CA. (209) 644-4143

    3. Micheal says:

      press 1 to update your free business listing....

    4. Sammie says:

      Here we go again, I saw this number on the caller id, looked it up on here and looks like we have another group of scammers.  Now again with me working in law enforcement, I decided to call the number back, and wpuld love to talk to these individuals, I want to tell them to fax the paperwork to my department, you know to make things easier for them, and so I could obtain their information for when I file a countersuit or criminal charges.  I called the number and it just rings and rings, about 50 to 100 times before it disconnects.  Kind of funny, no answering machine, no recording, you would th ok nk yhat a place that calls themselves the civil legal division or whatever imaginary name they have concocted would be a little more sophisticated than this. Keep calling me and I am looking forward to our chat

    5. Gayle says:

      They wanted Credit Card info. saying I may be behind in payment?

    6. Booker says:

      it is transfirst, a credit card processor(merchant account)

    7. Porfirio says:

      I got a call from this number today - caller ID says Burlington County, NJ.  They hung up on me and when I called back it said I was 5th in the queue.  I then had multiple people on the call all asking who called them from this number.  When I hung up, I got another call (number unavailable) and it was the same people from the chat line.  I have a business number so I can't ignore incoming calls.

    8. Jesus says:

      In Chile we received a fax requesting information for IRS, FORM W-8BEN, they want all the information that you could give a swindler (maiden mother's name, passport copy, SSN, etc.)

    9. Lionel says:

      This company or person has been calling and bothering me for over a year now - they are always looking for a "Dororthy" which I have never had work for me. When I ask what it is regarding they just hang up on me - I have told them several times to not call this number and take me off their phone list and they just won't.  So sick of it ! ! ! ! Not sure who to report them to - does anyone have any ideas??

    10. Cleveland says:

      Farmers Insurance Human Resources

    11. Dalton says:

      got a call from this number. if you call them back, you can opt out of being on their calling list.

    12. Erich says:

      just got a call and i lit into the dude. told him people from my government don't talk like that and he was full of s***. he couldn't get off the line fast enough!! everyone else should try that approach.

    13. Ezekiel says:

      Received 1 call today on my cellphone. I pressed 1 to speak to a live person but the phone hung up.

    14. Edmund says:

      Got a call from this num answered and no one said anything. Then hung up on me. I called back and didn't answer. If you call and I answer say something cause your lucky I even answered in the first place...

    15. Fidel says:

      They called me several times - telling me that I have an unpaid loan of $200.00 from 2010. I told them I never used a loan service.....I asked them to send me the email of my information and they keep sending my BS stuff and I cant view the information on the email. They are telling my if I dont take care of this then I will go to jail.....REALLY???