254-622 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 254-622-6000
  • 254-622-6001
  • 254-622-6002
  • 254-622-6003
  • 254-622-6004
  • 254-622-6005
  • 254-622-6006
  • 254-622-6007
  • 254-622-6008
  • 254-622-6009
  • 254-622-6010
  • 254-622-6011
  • 254-622-6012
  • 254-622-6013
  • 254-622-6014
  • 254-622-6015
  • 254-622-6016
  • 254-622-6017
  • 254-622-6018
  • 254-622-6019
  • 254-622-6020
  • 254-622-6021
  • 254-622-6022
  • 254-622-6023
  • 254-622-6024
  • 254-622-6025
  • 254-622-6026
  • 254-622-6027
  • 254-622-6028
  • 254-622-6029
  • 254-622-6030
  • 254-622-6031
  • 254-622-6032
  • 254-622-6033
  • 254-622-6034
  • 254-622-6035
  • 254-622-6036
  • 254-622-6037
  • 254-622-6038
  • 254-622-6039

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    1. Gaylord says:

      same as all above just turned over to a.g. office state of alabama,its a scam tony lan called me said badge#4574 said we took out 2011 up for renewal was try to get credit card for$ 829.99

    2. Minh says:

      My husband has received several calls from this number(on his cell phone). He just hangs up on them. The other day I answered it for him. The lady asked to speak to my husband, I told her that he wasn't talking to anyone until he knew who the were. She refused to tell me who she was with. Then had the nerve to tell me that I was very rude and needed to grow up.

    3. Luther says:

      # 980-254-8962 im getting calls from numbers i dont know

    4. Neville says:

      What was the name of the guy she asked for? I got the same thing. Maybe she asked me for the same person. It was a lady asking about a guy that I do know

    5. Porter says:

      They called and said they are an insurance company and wanted my PERSONAL informaiton to provide an insurance quote. They said they wanted to see if they could SAVE me MONEY on car insurance. They said they needed to run a financial background check over the phone...

    6. Avery says:

      I get blank calls from this number almost everyday...there is also another similar number from where I get similar calls everyday...that number is 124-674-9600....

    7. Reid says:

      left nothing on answering machine.

    8. Jesse says:

      Whoever has posted this information, is stalking this guy and trying to kill him, just beware because the police are investigating the attempts on his life the first attempt was unloosing the lug nuts on his front tires, certain suspects have followed him, and also tried as recent as yesterday to poison him. If you have any information regarding these crimes please call the Jefferson County Police Department at (636) 797-9999

    9. Elvin says:


    10. Gayle says:

      received a call, claiming I was selected for a $2,000 + all exclusive get away to Cancun Mexico ...."select 1 to claim prize" once I selected "1" a guy (who barely spoke English came on asking" are you atleast 25 years of age or older"? "Yes, but first, skip to the chase and tell me what strings are attached" I said. He then replies "Maam, are you atleast 25 years of age"? to which I replied "yes". Next question was "Do you have a valid credit card number".....atthis point, I replied "That's what I thought, please remove me from your list"....he then laughs and says "ok"....CREEPER! My numbers are also on the national DO NOT CALL list!

    11. Ed says:

      Scam, scam scam scam stay away stay awy

    12. Steve says:

      It is against federal law for someone to call you, offer and loan, but require you pay upfront for it:

    13. Kasey says:

      They said something about college I hung up on them

    14. Samuel says:

      don't want them to have my number

    15. Forest says:

      hell yes he is a bigcan artist!!!!! he conded me out of $1400.00 dollars for a vehicle that I never recieved. I am a sinlge mom of three beautiful kids, and have no car or placeto live thanks to the man that owns this number. i fully trusted and believed everything he told me and i now know the truth, thanks to this site. He not only does this my himself but he brings his family into it as well, his aunt is just like he is. I hope he rots in HELL!!!!!!