262-605 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 262-605-6000
  • 262-605-6001
  • 262-605-6002
  • 262-605-6003
  • 262-605-6004
  • 262-605-6005
  • 262-605-6006
  • 262-605-6007
  • 262-605-6008
  • 262-605-6009
  • 262-605-6010
  • 262-605-6011
  • 262-605-6012
  • 262-605-6013
  • 262-605-6014
  • 262-605-6015
  • 262-605-6016
  • 262-605-6017
  • 262-605-6018
  • 262-605-6019
  • 262-605-6020
  • 262-605-6021
  • 262-605-6022
  • 262-605-6023
  • 262-605-6024
  • 262-605-6025
  • 262-605-6026
  • 262-605-6027
  • 262-605-6028
  • 262-605-6029
  • 262-605-6030
  • 262-605-6031
  • 262-605-6032
  • 262-605-6033
  • 262-605-6034
  • 262-605-6035
  • 262-605-6036
  • 262-605-6037
  • 262-605-6038
  • 262-605-6039

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    1. Cornelius says:

      Administrative direct line for German Collins Distributing.

    2. Raphael says:

      These scums don't give a rip about any laws or DNC list. Besides the Fed Trade Comm (DNC People) don't investigate or prosecute any one. They simply gather reports.

    3. Elmer says:

      Bought an I.D. tag from Kroger for my dog from idtag.com and this number called to verify my address for a welcome package. He had a thick accent.

    4. Shaun says:

      This is someone's personal number not a legitimate number!

    5. Cliff says:

      Man called regarding lawsuit from this number. From some legal investigation company. Had a heavy indian accent with an american name. *69 this number and it is an "unknown number". Why would any legitimate business have an unknown number? Called this # back several times and message was "not a working #" NOT A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS- SCAM!!!!

    6. Sang says:

      I'm sick of this number calling

    7. Roberto says:

      this company just called me a few min. ago. they said something about updating my magazine subscripton, when I ask subscription was this, the woman said she wasn't able to get into my account to give me that information. WHAT?? I just hung up.

    8. Van says:

      Spam text stating "Starbucks!!! has picked u as this weeks winner redeem it here $50 store credit to starbucks! http://starbucks1.raffleclaim.com"

    9. Laurence says:

      He is crazy won't stop textin can barely speak English right

    10. Emilio says:

      Calls all the time- always hangs up as soon as I answer

    11. Tomas says:

      Just called cursing at me

    12. Eugene says:

      Mike emailed me for a date early in the morning I told him he had to confirm with me not just by email but by calling me at lunch time ,Instead he called me 4 times every 10 mint when I finally spoke to him at 3pm I told him he didnt have to call me so many times like 5 times ,he explained he didnt ,That was a LIE and he became very angry and nasty ,I looked up hes number and it came up blank ,must be a throw away phone sounds like a cop,when he couldnt get hes way .

    13. Omar says:

      I have been contacted from this mentioned number.  The person is telling me that I have been named in a fraud law suit.  The4y would not give me the name4 of the company that was filing this suit.  They were demanding $792 immediately to stop any further legal action.  The name that was given was David Stone.  This person's english was very broken and very hard to understand.  I was also told that he was from the federal government.  He threatened to have an investigator come to my employer and then come to my home and arrest me.  Please find some way to stop these harrassing phone calls for all of us.  This is very interrupting of our daily lives.

    14. Dewitt says:

      Trying to sell a home security system.

    15. Marco says:

      [[MSG ID: IMbsS] - Your mastercard has been locked. Call our office immediately at: (305] 340-2725 Thanks.) Is the text message. Funny thing is that I don't own a Master Card. This is a scam don't text or call them back.