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    1. Norbert says:

      My "significant other" answered an unknown caller number just for "entertainment purposes" (I guess) - I TOLD him NOT TO - as I deal with these type of calls multiple times during the course of the day between work and home!! The call was a lengthy "survey" regarding identifying conterfiet money and they talked so fast, you couldn't even comprehend what they were talking about; with an extensive questionaire thereafter. Shortly therafter, we started getting calls from "other" marketing numbers, one of which is 312-638-0648 (aka IGC) - which has now called THREE TIMES within less than a half hour.  I assume it will continue for "who knows how long"... NOTE:  My "Significant Other" is now "getting the message"...  If you don't know who it is and they don't leave a message - DON'T ANSWER IT!!! Total B***S***!!

    2. Alexander says:

      This is a scam.  They're just trying to get you to sign up for the credit score website so they can make money under the affiliate program.  I hate these losers, wasting my time.

    3. Alden says:

      Claimed to represent Financial Crime Enforcement Network. William Black is the name he used and claimed I had 3 possible fraud charges pending for unpaid loans. He told me they needed $300 to pay someone to find out why or clear it up, I told him it wasnt my problem to investigate. They also claim to be Hutchins Law Firm.

    4. Brenton says:

      After further investigation, I suspect the company is Diversifed Collection Services, Inc.

    5. Maximo says:

      no voicemail or texts from this number

    6. Cliff says:

      I didn't answer and they didn't leave a voicemail.

    7. Garry says:

      Even though I have blocked this #, woman manages to leave voice mails on my cell at 8:30 a.m. My cell # was previously owned by some woman who owes money for a college loan and they are trying to contact her.

    8. Sammy says:

      Called about health care I told them not to call back that we were not interested and the last just hung up on me without even saying anything

    9. Rogelio says:

      I jus got a call from this number saying I owed somone 8000 dollars and when I started yelling they said that they would send the authorities to my job in which they knew the name of to arrest me

    10. Bradley says:

      They have just called my Cell phone, but I missed the call. Looking the number at the Internet, I found out it seems to be a spam.

    11. Eugene says:

      Called at 7:30 am. Leaving fairly unintelligible message asking that I call back.

    12. Brooks says:

      Congrats you qualify for blah blah blah

    13. Lenny says:

      Received a lot of texts back and forth.

    14. Waylon says:

      Received a cll from this number.  Represented they are "a financial services company" calling about "an urgent personal business matter".  Beeps in background indicate they are recording their calls.  Possibly AmEx as they record all calls.  Was a wrong number call; very polite, said they would remove my number.

    15. Bruce says:

      LOL amen ! talk about a scammer in the flesh.