281-957 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 281-957-7800
  • 281-957-7801
  • 281-957-7802
  • 281-957-7803
  • 281-957-7804
  • 281-957-7805
  • 281-957-7806
  • 281-957-7807
  • 281-957-7808
  • 281-957-7809
  • 281-957-7810
  • 281-957-7811
  • 281-957-7812
  • 281-957-7813
  • 281-957-7814
  • 281-957-7815
  • 281-957-7816
  • 281-957-7817
  • 281-957-7818
  • 281-957-7819
  • 281-957-7820
  • 281-957-7821
  • 281-957-7822
  • 281-957-7823
  • 281-957-7824
  • 281-957-7825
  • 281-957-7826
  • 281-957-7827
  • 281-957-7828
  • 281-957-7829
  • 281-957-7830
  • 281-957-7831
  • 281-957-7832
  • 281-957-7833
  • 281-957-7834
  • 281-957-7835
  • 281-957-7836
  • 281-957-7837
  • 281-957-7838
  • 281-957-7839

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    1. Dan says:

      Why do you say do not allow? Are they dangerous or b*llsh*tter? We met on partyline.

    2. Irving says:

      i get calls from this no. several times a day. a man with East Indian accent knew my name and address. they want to deliver me a walmart gift card worth $100.00 as a reward for good standing Visa/Mastercard customer. They would charge $2.99 for S/H. I declined their offer. They were persistant. Different guy with same East Indian accent called again. I hung up. I think they try to collect info on people's credit cards. A spam ring, a big time. Law enforcement should investigate them.

    3. Orville says:

      No they are trying to get around the do not call list by implying that you contacted them first in regards to having problems with your PC.

    4. Bradford says:

      received only one call from them, let it go to VM and they didn't leave a msg. Called the number back and found it was WCA subscriber services--whatever that is.

    5. Jody says:

      My daughter received two phone calls which came up on the caller ID as '111' and unknown caller. The voice sounds like a computer generated voice and says "Please Die." My daughter is only 11. We called the phone company and they told us how to trace the call, but the caller would have to call us an additional three times to do so. We also filed a police report. If anyone has any info on this I would really appreciate a post. THanks

    6. Randy says:

      called 7 times so far today and hangs up when you anser. try calling back but always busy

    7. Bruce says:

      I received same call and message

    8. Paris says:

      Just recieved a call from them. We're on the "do not call" list.Hung up on them. Don't want to here it! We vote what-ever way we want.

    9. Nathanael says:

      After 70 illegal sales calls from these guys, I finally played along with them long enough to find out who they are, today: mostly they are PrimeChoiceHealth.com; mostly a broker for health insurance. Other contacts: Philip at 872(4?) 784 8010 x. 600; the broker Casey 754 201 4141; also 503 457 1236. These guys don't stop. They (or the telemarketer they contract)have their own "internal do not call list." But if you call, they never really take you off the roll. The same recorded male voice answers at least two of their own "do not call" numbers. But they don't stop. I looked up their main 253 & 503 457 1236 number with "Mr. Number" on the internet; it moves from Astoria Oregon to Portland. Blocking helps. Be sure to block each new number they try. Call them back, and if you get the same male voice on the recording, you know its the same outfit.

    10. Gerardo says:

      "Unknown Name" called @ 11:35 A.M. - partial message left on answering machine re cards, towing companies keeping $$$, etc. - am already on both state and federal "Do Not Call" lists.

    11. Ted says:

      I am sure the texts were intended for whoever had that number before you... but yeah, continue paddling your boat up the Dum Dum River.

    12. Virgilio says:

      These people call over 20+ times a day and when you ask them to stop calling they continue to tell you about a government survey. It doesn't matter if you say your not the person calling they don't care. They begin to get rude and say sexual thigs. They hang up if my husband answers the phone. They call from many phone numbers such as 800, 888, 281, 512, 713, 254. They have an area code for the are you live so your not sure who is calling until you answer the phone. I have told them everytime they call I will call the police for harrassment and they continue to call. I have turned over the log of phone numbers I have to the police and complaints with the Do Not Call List. Please stop these Sand Nigors from calling women and harrising them.

    13. Jermaine says:

      Sharell. Harassing me & continues to play on my phone

    14. Randy says:

      I have blocked them but since changing phones they still call. When I say Im going to the BBB he laughs (Im assuming its the same guy everytime). Im sick of it and Ive asked plenty (over 20) times to be removed. This a** isnt going to stop and Now I am going to the police about it for phone harrasment. The one time he even hung up when I was telling him I wanted to be removed.

    15. Kareem says:

      Blocked Text. Spam!Direct language: "If you or someone you know has taken the drug Yaz, Yazmin or Ocella and had health problems go to yazrelief.com for Financial Compensation"