305-420 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 305-420-3640
  • 305-420-3641
  • 305-420-3642
  • 305-420-3643
  • 305-420-3644
  • 305-420-3645
  • 305-420-3646
  • 305-420-3647
  • 305-420-3648
  • 305-420-3649
  • 305-420-3650
  • 305-420-3651
  • 305-420-3652
  • 305-420-3653
  • 305-420-3654
  • 305-420-3655
  • 305-420-3656
  • 305-420-3657
  • 305-420-3658
  • 305-420-3659
  • 305-420-3660
  • 305-420-3661
  • 305-420-3662
  • 305-420-3663
  • 305-420-3664
  • 305-420-3665
  • 305-420-3666
  • 305-420-3667
  • 305-420-3668
  • 305-420-3669
  • 305-420-3670
  • 305-420-3671
  • 305-420-3672
  • 305-420-3673
  • 305-420-3674
  • 305-420-3675
  • 305-420-3676
  • 305-420-3677
  • 305-420-3678
  • 305-420-3679

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    1. Major says:

      I get this call once a day. They NEVER leave a message.

    2. Ronny says:

      From india or something selling some real estate in india

    3. Jay says:

      We were gone on a short vacation and my answering machine recorded 5 hang-up messages. Caller ID shows 5 calsl from this number on 8/21/12: 5:13, 5:39, 6:55, 7:33 & 8:50 p.m. A little excessive, I'd say! I hope they call back because I'm gonna blow an air horn in the phone, maybe then they will get the message...I don't care who they are, I just want them to QUIT calling!!!!!!!!!

    4. Duncan says:

      I got a call from this number yesterday. A man with an indian accent told me it was for some loan and I said "I have never signed up for a loan, so take me off of your list and stop calling!" Then he mumbled something. I thought I heard what he said but I didnt believe my ears. So I said "What did you just say?" he said "You're a mother **cker." I said "Wow, I thought thats what you said, and no I'm not." He said "You're a mother **cker, you want to **ck me." I said, "I cant believe that you are saying this right now, are you for real?!" So he continued.. "You want to do sexual things for me, you should come here and **ck me." I said " I hope that you and your coworkers are getting a good laugh out of this, Im going.. take me off of your list and dont call back." He said "Wait, just kiss me, just come here and kiss me." I just said "This is the most ridiculous phone call that I have ever received. Good bye."

    5. Monroe says:

      These idiots from TELSTAR HOSTED @ 209-593-5814 call 10 or more times per day and leave no message and have called for the last several months! I actually picked up the telephone today, and a man said you can save on your PG&E bill. I interrupted him and told him that we are on the "FEDERAL REGISTRY OF DO NOT CALL LIST" and to stop calling my phone in a belligerent voice! He said, "We are NOT a telemarketer You don't need to yell at me". I stated emphatically, "If you call my number again, I will sue your company". He said that he would remove my phone number (and as we all know, the "DO NOT CALL LIST" is a waste of taxpayer money! Thanks, for the "FEDERAL DO NOT CALL LIST" congress!

    6. Federico says:

      Congratulations from WAC

    7. Fredrick says:

      I keep getting these phone calls...my caller ID says its from Fargo, ND.  I don't answer.

    8. Asa says:

      Same as everyone else complaining, this company asks for the owner each time but when we say do not call again, they then turn and call 4-6 times harrassing us.  Make this company stop!!

    9. Dexter says:

      I don't know this number or who they are.

    10. Shon says:

      I Dont Want Him Calling Me Just My Babydaddy

    11. Lucius says:

      I've gotten 4 calls from them today. Each time it leaves a 7 second voicemail with nothing but an automated beep a couple of seconds into it. I called the number back and it was a recording and it said "We're calling to confirm your recent online inquiry about health insurance. To be removed press 1..." I pressed 1, it said "thank you" and hung up on me. They better not call back.

    12. Marlin says:

      Seems they bought a wyoming number.

    13. Abdul says:

      Just rec'd 2 calls on my cell from this number

    14. Emmanuel says:

      They call and dont say anything . Probably the same heavy accented individuals that have been calling the last few days from various different numbers with threats of lawsuits, jailtime, etc. wish they would leave their address so i could speak with them face to face !

    15. Stan says:

      I have noticed that their magic number is 465. On many of the posts on this board they claim people owe them that amount. Anyway, Global is a nobody scammer.