305-420 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 305-420-3640
  • 305-420-3641
  • 305-420-3642
  • 305-420-3643
  • 305-420-3644
  • 305-420-3645
  • 305-420-3646
  • 305-420-3647
  • 305-420-3648
  • 305-420-3649
  • 305-420-3650
  • 305-420-3651
  • 305-420-3652
  • 305-420-3653
  • 305-420-3654
  • 305-420-3655
  • 305-420-3656
  • 305-420-3657
  • 305-420-3658
  • 305-420-3659
  • 305-420-3660
  • 305-420-3661
  • 305-420-3662
  • 305-420-3663
  • 305-420-3664
  • 305-420-3665
  • 305-420-3666
  • 305-420-3667
  • 305-420-3668
  • 305-420-3669
  • 305-420-3670
  • 305-420-3671
  • 305-420-3672
  • 305-420-3673
  • 305-420-3674
  • 305-420-3675
  • 305-420-3676
  • 305-420-3677
  • 305-420-3678
  • 305-420-3679

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    1. Major says:

      I get this call once a day. They NEVER leave a message.

    2. Ronny says:

      From india or something selling some real estate in india

    3. Eddy says:

      What is this? They keep calling me. I say hello 5 times and they don't say anything and hang up. Who is this and what is it?

    4. Fermin says:

      Texted very Offensive picture oqsn 06/21/11

    5. Waldo says:

      We keep getting automated calls from this number. It is a woman with a British accent saying she has "an urgent message for " then another voice(male) cuts in and says my husband's name. Been going on for over 3 months. When we call the number back all we ever get is a busy signal. How can we block this number???

    6. Jay says:

      We were gone on a short vacation and my answering machine recorded 5 hang-up messages. Caller ID shows 5 calsl from this number on 8/21/12: 5:13, 5:39, 6:55, 7:33 & 8:50 p.m. A little excessive, I'd say! I hope they call back because I'm gonna blow an air horn in the phone, maybe then they will get the message...I don't care who they are, I just want them to QUIT calling!!!!!!!!!

    7. Duncan says:

      I got a call from this number yesterday. A man with an indian accent told me it was for some loan and I said "I have never signed up for a loan, so take me off of your list and stop calling!" Then he mumbled something. I thought I heard what he said but I didnt believe my ears. So I said "What did you just say?" he said "You're a mother **cker." I said "Wow, I thought thats what you said, and no I'm not." He said "You're a mother **cker, you want to **ck me." I said, "I cant believe that you are saying this right now, are you for real?!" So he continued.. "You want to do sexual things for me, you should come here and **ck me." I said " I hope that you and your coworkers are getting a good laugh out of this, Im going.. take me off of your list and dont call back." He said "Wait, just kiss me, just come here and kiss me." I just said "This is the most ridiculous phone call that I have ever received. Good bye."

    8. Monroe says:

      These idiots from TELSTAR HOSTED @ 209-593-5814 call 10 or more times per day and leave no message and have called for the last several months! I actually picked up the telephone today, and a man said you can save on your PG&E bill. I interrupted him and told him that we are on the "FEDERAL REGISTRY OF DO NOT CALL LIST" and to stop calling my phone in a belligerent voice! He said, "We are NOT a telemarketer You don't need to yell at me". I stated emphatically, "If you call my number again, I will sue your company". He said that he would remove my phone number (and as we all know, the "DO NOT CALL LIST" is a waste of taxpayer money! Thanks, for the "FEDERAL DO NOT CALL LIST" congress!

    9. Federico says:

      Congratulations from WAC

    10. Fredrick says:

      I keep getting these phone calls...my caller ID says its from Fargo, ND.  I don't answer.

    11. Asa says:

      Same as everyone else complaining, this company asks for the owner each time but when we say do not call again, they then turn and call 4-6 times harrassing us.  Make this company stop!!

    12. Dexter says:

      I don't know this number or who they are.

    13. Shon says:

      I Dont Want Him Calling Me Just My Babydaddy

    14. Lucius says:

      I've gotten 4 calls from them today. Each time it leaves a 7 second voicemail with nothing but an automated beep a couple of seconds into it. I called the number back and it was a recording and it said "We're calling to confirm your recent online inquiry about health insurance. To be removed press 1..." I pressed 1, it said "thank you" and hung up on me. They better not call back.

    15. Marlin says:

      Seems they bought a wyoming number.