310-326 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Rudy says:

      calls continue and unable to stop

    2. Jess says:

      Political caller attempting to solicit money from you. Terrible caller and bad manors.

    3. Adalberto says:

      i dont understand. will you explain it to me.

    4. Bradford says:

      Apparently, it takes quite some time for your choice to opt out to register with them, as they have called again.

    5. Dale says:

      I keep getting calls from this number, Decided to call back. It is a online college company.

    6. Kendrick says:

      We've been getting the same calls and we are also on the Do not Call List. We don't answer the phone. When you answered did he ever call back? I think I will answer and tell them to stop calling my house.

    7. Ronnie says:

      We call several times a day !

    8. Edwin says:

      It was a missed call. No message left. I don't know anyone with a 302 area code.

    9. Andy says:

      I sent a message that I was an Apple winner "www.apple.ca.nocost.cc entry code 1826 ...unable to find website to enter code....

    10. Columbus says:

      Not sure who this is...  hang up call

    11. Levi says:

      Just posted resume online on moster/craigslist so think its linked to that. Some dopey mare who spoke in a pigeon english with heavy chinese accent said she had a job in San Francisco at a bank (mumbled her way through the name so couldnt hear who exactly she was pretending to call from). Realized it was a fake from her poor engrish(sic) and out of state number and told her in fruity language where she could put her phone to keep it warm in a certain body cavity.

    12. Harvey says:

      they got me for $300. put the money on a green dot money pak card. said the $5000 is going in my bank in 15 minutes. never got the $5000. now they asked for another $300 to make sure the loan goes threw. told them no and I want my $300 back we got disconnected. called back and now saying they will give us our money back tomorrow. (we'll see). we got the names Austin and supposed to be his boss David Greene. the company is Qwik cash loans.  but there is no such company. they work out of 1420 Madison st. seattle WA. 98104.  told us Net Bank, then I heard Banner Bank.  says they also work with Qwest Corp.  someone better stop these people from stealing money from innocent people.

    13. Leopoldo says:

      Made offer about credit cards an student loans

    14. Guy says:

      Just got off the phone with someone from this number. This is  the old "Windows security department" call where they tell you that your computer is sending out messages to Microsoft's security department about some security issue. Uh huh. Ya sure. I usually play along with them and waste their time for a bit, pretending to go to my computer and look stuff up for them. I am tired today so I just said, really? My computer sent you a security warning!? When he said yes, in a heavy Indian accent, I said I only have an iPad. He shut up quick and said goodbye. It just makes me sad that somewhere, someone is going to fall for these guys.

    15. Quincy says:

      I have been a client for a good time now. I checked out the company and all that I can say is that they are legitimate. It looks like the poster here did not do his/her homework in regards to verifying the trades on the trading track record that Private Global Banks has, otherwise they would not be saying anything bad about that company. Besides, I am from Switzerland and Private Global Banks is becoming a Swiss bank very soon. I was able to verify that information through a close friend of mine in Geneva and they are telling the truth on that as well. I know there are some bad deals out there in the world, but Swiss banks are more strictly regulated than US banks are, therefore they don't fail, and not everyone is a Bernie Madoff!