312-827 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 312-827-9600
  • 312-827-9601
  • 312-827-9602
  • 312-827-9603
  • 312-827-9604
  • 312-827-9605
  • 312-827-9606
  • 312-827-9607
  • 312-827-9608
  • 312-827-9609
  • 312-827-9610
  • 312-827-9611
  • 312-827-9612
  • 312-827-9613
  • 312-827-9614
  • 312-827-9615
  • 312-827-9616
  • 312-827-9617
  • 312-827-9618
  • 312-827-9619
  • 312-827-9620
  • 312-827-9621
  • 312-827-9622
  • 312-827-9623
  • 312-827-9624
  • 312-827-9625
  • 312-827-9626
  • 312-827-9627
  • 312-827-9628
  • 312-827-9629
  • 312-827-9630
  • 312-827-9631
  • 312-827-9632
  • 312-827-9633
  • 312-827-9634
  • 312-827-9635
  • 312-827-9636
  • 312-827-9637
  • 312-827-9638
  • 312-827-9639

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    1. Barton says:

      received 3 calls from this # on saturday night at 8:35pm, 8:36pm and 8:37pm

    2. Frankie says:

      Mortgage rates telemarketer.

    3. Lyndon says:

      This number is from a sexual pervert!!

    4. Lenard says:

      creepy guy saying he's from ms windows support, calls repeatedly, harassing us for weeks now, always calls at around noon

    5. Joan says:

      I've gotten numerous calls from someone who claims to be "Card Services" or "Credit Card Services". On Jan 10, 2012, 6pm, I answered the phone. I pressed one and in a friendly voice answered her question of "Did you press one to lower your rates?" with " I pressed one to speak with a person and ask to be removed from your call list, please". CLICK!!! The woman HUNG UP on me!!! After waking ME on a week-end? When I called back I got a mail-box is FULL. NOW I'm on a mission to cause as much Chaos for "Mike Anderson at 303 217-1074 as I POSSIBLY CAN!I have NETDETECTIVE and when I searched the number 303 217-1074 it didnt give me Mike Anderson - but rather - CHIP WRIGHT at 98 BONNYMEDE RD Pueblo, CO 81001. He lives in a duplex (as the pic appears on Google Maps). I'm sharing this info with as many of you as I can!

    6. Blaine says:

      Saw that number listed as Suspected Spam so did not answer. Blocking number.

    7. Jamie says:

      WOW , I got the same type of call recently. And apparently this person did used to have my number because of all the calls I still get for him. Anyway I have hung up every time hoping that would stop the calls but it hasnt stopped unfortunately

    8. Hubert says:

      This is a Verizon wireless cell number who sends texts to call another cell. This is a phishing scam to get your credit card number.

    9. Doug says:

      dozens. seems like a fax machine trying to send a fax.

    10. Otha says:

      got call from this number today, fellow had accent i could not understand for the life of me so he put his "supervisor" on the line. they asked me to go to my computer and they were from microsoft. they wanted to show me something that was uploaded on my pc?? he said "junk file"?... name on the display was whitefeather..... told him to get a life and hung up.. encourage you to do the same.

    11. Vince says:

      From (209) 485-4579: "VIPStockPicks is opening its doors to the public! The 1st 777 users that enter code 777 at http://vipstockpicks.mobi will receive real-time penny stock alerts!"

    12. Courtney says:

      Asked for someone else then got a call from a weird number

    13. Phil says:

      You know, it is illegal for them to continue calling you if you have asked to be taken off the list. Threaten to report them and I bet they will stop. You can also ask for written confirmation that they have taken you off the list. Hope they stop!

    14. Russ says:

      A Miss Jones asked for my husband by name. When I put her on hold she hung up.

    15. Britt says:

      They keep on calling me asking for Cathy