314-518 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 314-518-5600
  • 314-518-5601
  • 314-518-5602
  • 314-518-5603
  • 314-518-5604
  • 314-518-5605
  • 314-518-5606
  • 314-518-5607
  • 314-518-5608
  • 314-518-5609
  • 314-518-5610
  • 314-518-5611
  • 314-518-5612
  • 314-518-5613
  • 314-518-5614
  • 314-518-5615
  • 314-518-5616
  • 314-518-5617
  • 314-518-5618
  • 314-518-5619
  • 314-518-5620
  • 314-518-5621
  • 314-518-5622
  • 314-518-5623
  • 314-518-5624
  • 314-518-5625
  • 314-518-5626
  • 314-518-5627
  • 314-518-5628
  • 314-518-5629
  • 314-518-5630
  • 314-518-5631
  • 314-518-5632
  • 314-518-5633
  • 314-518-5634
  • 314-518-5635
  • 314-518-5636
  • 314-518-5637
  • 314-518-5638
  • 314-518-5639

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    1. Vance says:

      Getting repeated (lots) phone calls from this number; they "say" they are linked to hotjobs & somehow "found" my resume & want me to work a sales job...not very convincing as a recruiter; I'm sure this is BS. Don't know how they got my number -- it's unpublished AND unlisted.

    2. Colby says:

      This number called and asked me questions about my dads job and address. Also would not give a name.

    3. Hollis says:

      this guys is some perv who likes to try and hire male guys to have sex with him beware.

    4. Raymond says:

      what do you mean? no one on the line....

    5. Barrett says:

      I got one this morning telling me I won't he $1000 ipad3. I didn't know there was an iPad3 out and $1000 one at that! At least a gift card would have been plausible! Considering apple still has iPad3 under wraps , jaws fairly sure this was spam.

    6. Travis says:

      I found the source of it one time, but I forgot how I did it, and there is a whole family of them with cell phones all over the country, gosh I wish I could remember what I looked it up on. Believe it or not, the one that I located was a car repair or service station but it is to long ago to remember

    7. Luis says:

      getting frequent miss calls from dis no.....many at odd times too....

    8. Darren says:

      I am getting missed calls from this number! I wonder who it is? I don't want to call, as they haven't left message on my phone so far. I keep getting call from this number all the time.

    9. Nigel says:

      I've also received this call. I know debt collectors can be sued so maybe we should all get together & come up with a "real" summons for "them!”? Many are threatened w/ a summons/lawsuit/criminal charges (w/o outstanding debts!) so why not serve "them?" I setup an email address for inquiries/ideas/suggestions relating to this post/issue if interested. ? Together, I think we can compile our information & possibly file against them.? Filing in small claims court is very inexpensive & each state's maximum limits would still be enough to cover this type of judgment. It just gets annoying watching unscrupulous individuals repeatedly harass people & get away w/it since most either don't do anything or don't know how! PLEASE don't contact w/solicitations or other areas of interest! Thanks. :)I'm typing out the numbers in my email address to prevent spam-Contact me at: Three Zero Five (305) carrie@gmail.com (everything all together without spaces) :)

    10. Keneth says:

      They just use F words and hang up.

    11. Giovanni says:

      Called and hung up when we answered

    12. Patrick says:

      I spoke to a representative and asked him to stop calling, he just taunted me and laughed and fun of it.

    13. Nathaniel says:

      Someone named Fay holcolmb who likes to sleep with other women's husbands and pretend to be Ur friend

    14. Johnny says:

      I live in San Antonio and received a call from this number too.  Got the recording "your call cannot be ...".  Does anybody know how to find out who is "spoofing" that number or how to counter it?  I get the impression that there is more than one of these going on.

    15. Fletcher says:

      Non-stop calls at least twice a day everyday even on weekends. Calls from 202-800-5529, 202-800-5604. VERY IRRITATING. Once I called back and only received an answering machine saying this was Landmark and they do marketing (more like grey-area tele-spam!) and to leave a message if you would like to ...