314-534 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 314-534-5880
  • 314-534-5881
  • 314-534-5882
  • 314-534-5883
  • 314-534-5884
  • 314-534-5885
  • 314-534-5886
  • 314-534-5887
  • 314-534-5888
  • 314-534-5889
  • 314-534-5890
  • 314-534-5891
  • 314-534-5892
  • 314-534-5893
  • 314-534-5894
  • 314-534-5895
  • 314-534-5896
  • 314-534-5897
  • 314-534-5898
  • 314-534-5899
  • 314-534-5900
  • 314-534-5901
  • 314-534-5902
  • 314-534-5903
  • 314-534-5904
  • 314-534-5905
  • 314-534-5906
  • 314-534-5907
  • 314-534-5908
  • 314-534-5909
  • 314-534-5910
  • 314-534-5911
  • 314-534-5912
  • 314-534-5913
  • 314-534-5914
  • 314-534-5915
  • 314-534-5916
  • 314-534-5917
  • 314-534-5918
  • 314-534-5919

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    1. Barrett says:

      Keeps calling, but won't talk!  Cowards!!

    2. Stacey says:

      To all of you who are having trouble with the phone umber calling you, whether it be Virginia College or some lame collection agency.  I found the easiest way to get your number removed is to call them back and tell them that you were returning their phone call.  When they get into starting their spiel, then you briefly interrupt them and tell them that you are not interested, and did not give out your phone number to be solicited, and ask them to remove you from their system and they will place you on a do not call list.  If by some chance you did mistakenly put your number out there and you feel that they are harrassing you, call them back, tell them you were returning a call to the number, and when they ask your number, give it to them.  When they say the name, whether it is your name or someone elses, just tell them they have the wrong number.  You do not have to identify yourself to them!! Ask them politely to remove your number from their database, and they will. Keep your cool, you will get much better results, than if you get angry and cuss them out.  Try this and you will find how easy it is, and doesn't cost anything but a few minutes of your time.

    3. Julius says:

      Someone who barely speaks English keeps contacting me on my cell and my work phone.  He does not identify the company he is calling from.  If he is a debt collector, he is not identifying himself as such.  I have repeatedly asked that he cease and desist contacting me by telephone, but the calls are still coming.  I got a call from my HR department about it today.  I would like the company making these illegal and harassing phone calls identified so that I can take legal action against them.

    4. Dirk says:

      unknown caller - wouldn't leave message on answering machine

    5. Art says:

      Got a call from this number. No message was left.

    6. Jacques says:

      Its a research company. They call n call, leave no message. I never git past tge name and I hang up ever time

    7. Marco says:

      Someone I know works for Wells Fargo in the refinance department and has called from that number so it really is from Wells Fargo

    8. Amado says:

      8/24/13 - rec'd a call from this number again at 2:46 pm - this time i picked up and a woman who could just about speak english  said she was with the IT Dept. blah,blah,blah starting saying something about my computer i told her to stop calling-this is nothing but a scam-and i have reported her number to the FCC.

    9. Tristan says:

      this number keeps calling me everyday. very bothersome

    10. Bill says:

      I don't want them calling my phone anymore

    11. Donte says:

      I've received 3 calls on my cell from 443-550-7974 which up until today I have not answered. The call I answered today was a "robot" voice requesting to speak with "Julie Jumbo".  If I wasn't "Julie Jumbo" I was to press #3.  I'm not "Julie Jumbo" and hung up.  A few minutes later I dialed the number displayed on my cell phone and a person named Michael answered.  I requested the company name and he told me West Asset Management which I have since learned is a collection agency.  I assured him I wasn't "Julie Jumbo" and he asked if I knew her.  I don't.  He told me he would delete my phone number from the list. I hope this is the case.  The only debt I carry is my home loan which is paid ahead by six months. I thought initially it was a prank call and hope it's that innocent.

    12. Lance says:

      Credit card over 8 years old calling after hours and weelends

    13. Ken says:


    14. Landon says:

      comes back as an Arizona landline, and I'm suddenly getting them on my cell this morning..another number just called same area code


    15. Jerrod says:

      constant calls every thirty mins keep calling wont stop. early morning calls n late evening callsfor