316-648 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 316-648-6600
  • 316-648-6601
  • 316-648-6602
  • 316-648-6603
  • 316-648-6604
  • 316-648-6605
  • 316-648-6606
  • 316-648-6607
  • 316-648-6608
  • 316-648-6609
  • 316-648-6610
  • 316-648-6611
  • 316-648-6612
  • 316-648-6613
  • 316-648-6614
  • 316-648-6615
  • 316-648-6616
  • 316-648-6617
  • 316-648-6618
  • 316-648-6619
  • 316-648-6620
  • 316-648-6621
  • 316-648-6622
  • 316-648-6623
  • 316-648-6624
  • 316-648-6625
  • 316-648-6626
  • 316-648-6627
  • 316-648-6628
  • 316-648-6629
  • 316-648-6630
  • 316-648-6631
  • 316-648-6632
  • 316-648-6633
  • 316-648-6634
  • 316-648-6635
  • 316-648-6636
  • 316-648-6637
  • 316-648-6638
  • 316-648-6639

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    1. Russell says:

      They've called me, but I just yell 'BUDDY THE ELF, WHATS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?' and they hang up.  Next time, I'm going to try to sell them DSL from AT&T. hehe.

    2. Elbert says:

      They called for me at work today, told "Anthony Jones" to send me documentation, he refused. Started calling again and again for 2 hours. Called police, even the officer did not stop him. Checked my cell phone records for the last time they called last month, found 888-201-6971.

    3. Adrian says:

      Our business toll free bill shows a call from this number that lasted 724.3 minutes on Sunday 8-19-2012.our business isn't open on Sundays, yet we have been charged $23.18 for this call. Please let me know if you are aware of anything regarding this number that would help us figure out what happened.

    4. Darrin says:

      Canadian, received text 2012-09-03:Your entry in our drawing won you a FREE Apple iPad! Enter "6417" at http://apple.ca.igifts.cc so we can ship it to you immediately.

    5. Alan says:

      Received a text last night at 9:30 pm from this number. Stating: Your entry last month Won. I try to go to the web address the search error out. These people need to go to jail!

    6. Brock says:

      Adt will be coming to my area

    7. Rex says:

      Political poll that called cellphone.

    8. Rod says:

      get calls from this number sometimes. they never leave a message

    9. Everette says:

      Drew,Honestly, what do you care if he's gay and married? He's posting in Casual Encounters. If you're so prudish, why were you looking at M4M ads in the first place?

    10. Fred says:

      Didn't pick up But I didn't know the number. But best advice don't pick up if you don't know the number. Almost always it will be a scam or a telemarketer. If you know the number and it's really important that they need to talk to you the WILL leave a message. You can always call them back as soon as you can.

    11. Fritz says:

      This is not Brenda phone my name is alajuwon bonner

    12. Lynn says:

      Idiots keep texting me using up my 200 texts for the month. All kinds of stupid spam. i text back stop, but do they stop...---- no.

    13. Ernie says:

      Law Firm Collection Company located in Montgomery Alabama

    14. Heath says:

      I received the same message as Same Thing, a female voice recording stating they were the "audit department" (never mentioned a company name, however)...said something about an audit that needs to be completed in their office immediately and something about my name coming up and a statement being needed? Not sure what their scam is, but I know my credit is clean and I have no tax issues so there is most certainly no "audit" associated with my name.

    15. Granville says:

      I recieved a call today from this number, they didn't leave a message. I am wondering who they are and how I can stop them from calling.