316-711 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 316-711-5320
  • 316-711-5321
  • 316-711-5322
  • 316-711-5323
  • 316-711-5324
  • 316-711-5325
  • 316-711-5326
  • 316-711-5327
  • 316-711-5328
  • 316-711-5329
  • 316-711-5330
  • 316-711-5331
  • 316-711-5332
  • 316-711-5333
  • 316-711-5334
  • 316-711-5335
  • 316-711-5336
  • 316-711-5337
  • 316-711-5338
  • 316-711-5339
  • 316-711-5340
  • 316-711-5341
  • 316-711-5342
  • 316-711-5343
  • 316-711-5344
  • 316-711-5345
  • 316-711-5346
  • 316-711-5347
  • 316-711-5348
  • 316-711-5349
  • 316-711-5350
  • 316-711-5351
  • 316-711-5352
  • 316-711-5353
  • 316-711-5354
  • 316-711-5355
  • 316-711-5356
  • 316-711-5357
  • 316-711-5358
  • 316-711-5359

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    1. Randal says:

      prank phone calls from this number

    2. Micah says:

      im from nj nd got a call in spanish about winning money. press 1 so i can tell them not to call me but someone answer nd it just paused,didnt hear anything else not sure if they put me on hold...they are really annoying me

    3. Tracey says:

      They called me and told me i won $12,500 dollars in govn't grants and all i had to do to get this money was to send them $125 western union and they would send me $12,625. The 125 was only to verify that I was myself. I so kindly told him he must be crazy.  They said they had a government headquaters in "India"?? Yea right...I just hung up on that clown.

    4. Gustavo says:

      i don't even have a car... but i've gotten calls on my boost mobile serviced zte phone, and i'm not even in co. --- i'm in texas. luckily, the boost mobile towers are down, but some how i've managed to get notices of calls i've missed. (even though the ringer is on, and didn't hear the ring)

    5. Vaughn says:

      Home alert system.. Asked where they could send system had not ordered..

    6. Manuel says:

      On 10/03/10 one of my phone logs has this same phone number, 1115731377, 7 times over the time period starting 10/02/10 0647pm-10/03/10 0130 am, all of 1 minute each. A teenager uses that phone. On another phone which my mother uses there are 2 calls from a similar number--115731882 on 10/02/10 at 11:59 am and 10/02/10 12:50 pm each for a minute.  I have enough overages of normal causes and do not need a hacker causing my minutes to be used maliciously. This definitely needs to be nipped in the bud quickly.

    7. Ferdinand says:

      Had a call @ 9.15 pm. No one on the other end !

    8. Jarod says:

      I am being harassed by the people on the phone I'm getting threatened

    9. Linwood says:

      This man called and asked for my boss by name.  I told him that my boss was unavailable.  He said in the most evil voice..."put him on the phone right now".  I hung up on him.

    10. Danial says:

      Got a call from jack william number 210-892-2344 when you're on the phone with him he would not give me his supervisors number or name to ask him what i have been charged with he would just say i sent u a email all the info was on there i told him that need to know more about this he got nervous with his word and was getting coached from someone else in the backgrd Ias putting me on mute everytime we would ask me a question I finally decided to ask for supervisors name and phone number and he hung up on me

    11. Javier says:

      This number is calling my cell phone and costing me money!!! I don't need a warranty and want this to stop.  They call my hard line at work at the time too!  It's ridiculous!

    12. Tom says:

      old man looking for someone else daily

    13. Douglas says:

      Received a hangup call on june 18 2011

    14. Laverne says:

      Not sure who they are but all I could hear was loud music

    15. Donn says:

      I recieved an email from a gentleman named David Mattison regarding a resume I had sent him. He states that he needs someone to deposit checks into their account and then wire money to an unnamed orphanidge via Western Union. Sounds kind of fishy....