319-631 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 319-631-2765
  • 319-631-2766
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  • 319-631-2768
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  • 319-631-2786
  • 319-631-2787
  • 319-631-2788
  • 319-631-2789
  • 319-631-2790
  • 319-631-2791
  • 319-631-2792
  • 319-631-2793
  • 319-631-2794
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    1. Gerry says:

      call and dont sa anything

    2. Kendrick says:

      Got a call asking to inspect my property from storm damage since they already had appointments with some of my neighbors.  No damage anywhere near my neighborhood>

    3. Dorsey says:

      i don't recognise this no. calling me again n again.

    4. Vern says:

      text saying they weren't my facebook friend anymore, but I don't recognize that number!

    5. Frederic says:

      I got 3 calls, answered the first 2 but they weren't able to hear me, and on the 3rd call they left a voicemail saying his name is Andy Cox and that my information had been taken down for legal investigation and if I didn't call back he could only wish me good luck as the situation unfolded on me.

    6. Merlin says:

      keep calling & hanging up just silly...

    7. Cornelius says:

      Pinellas county JAIL......

    8. Ellsworth says:

      I m trying to get the money,I sent them ASAP for my bills. they. claim they were. usa personal loan company.  they told me I had to send payments for taxes n the money would b put n to my account. thinking I would her the loan, me. being stupid. sent 3 payments. $165, $150, $145. a total of. $460. now I m without. lights, food etc.  thinking. they were legit. I talked to a Max, n a Mr. Alex Johnson.  who assured me I d get the loan. then when they had the nerve to ask for $176, I knew something. was wrong. I called the Better Business. Bureau. n Attorney General.  I been calling them daily just to get my money back. the phone will ring n then it hangs up. r their s a recorder n I leave a message.  once I talk with someone. n they said ivwould get my. money. back n a money. gram. still waiting.  I don't know what else to do. I desperately need my money. I sent these payments green dot,eBay pal.its the green card n I got it from Walmart. if its anyway. u can Help, I would gratefully appreciate. it. I m from Galveston, Texas 77551. My name is Ruth. Palmer. My phone # is 408409 - 939- 1463. PLEASE. CALL IF U CAN HELP!!!   PLEASE !!   THANK U!!!

    9. Frances says:

      I received 2 calls one on my home number and one on my cell number @ 9:45 P.M.

    10. Harvey says:

      After long pause, said he was calling to thank me for past donation to Disabled Veterans, then gave info that I had given to a former caller for Disabled Vets, from Southfield, and said my donation last year was sent to the Veteran's Hospital in Livonia.  I have never heard of, and cannot find any Veteran's Hospital in Livonia.  He had my address and when I said we had too many calls for Veterans and were not giving any more, he hung up.  It appears he is not from Southfield or Farmington Hills, but somehow gets those phone numbers to call from.

    11. Everett says:

      This number keeps texting me hateful things.

    12. Sidney says:

      Keeps calling and I don't know what tis person is doing I have this number block and for some reason my phone dials by itself can that be posible?

    13. Donovan says:

      Twca called about a prize won for some contest I did not enter

    14. Rashad says:

      answered phone, no one responded.  called back - automated messege saying number no longer in use. hmmmm.

    15. Jamey says:

      the same thing happened to me!