334-685 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 334-685-8840
  • 334-685-8841
  • 334-685-8842
  • 334-685-8843
  • 334-685-8844
  • 334-685-8845
  • 334-685-8846
  • 334-685-8847
  • 334-685-8848
  • 334-685-8849
  • 334-685-8850
  • 334-685-8851
  • 334-685-8852
  • 334-685-8853
  • 334-685-8854
  • 334-685-8855
  • 334-685-8856
  • 334-685-8857
  • 334-685-8858
  • 334-685-8859
  • 334-685-8860
  • 334-685-8861
  • 334-685-8862
  • 334-685-8863
  • 334-685-8864
  • 334-685-8865
  • 334-685-8866
  • 334-685-8867
  • 334-685-8868
  • 334-685-8869
  • 334-685-8870
  • 334-685-8871
  • 334-685-8872
  • 334-685-8873
  • 334-685-8874
  • 334-685-8875
  • 334-685-8876
  • 334-685-8877
  • 334-685-8878
  • 334-685-8879

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    1. Raleigh says:

      This is a very important msg to all homeowners ...

    2. Chad says:

      I received a call from this number at 4:51 pm. I think I recognize this voice. The person seem to be in distress. I would like a trace put on this call and phone

    3. Isaias says:

      Did notknow what the call was for. no message was left

    4. Del says:

      The text said that I won last month's drawing for a $500 Target gift card. I never entered any contest. The website it gave me did not go to Target.com, but rather rdfg.biz that was made to look like a Target website.

    5. Thad says:

      Just got the same text. U can tell the automation is cheap. Report to FBI!!!

    6. Garland says:

      called & I hit ignore... when I called back, I got a "The number or code you have dialed is incorrect"...

    7. John says:

      Unknown name calls and hangs us. Called the number back and left a nasty message on their voice mailbox. Sick of these companies doing this stuff!!

    8. Mary says:

      Caller with thick accent claimed to be with the "US Grant Dept" told me I was selected to receive a $7000 grant. He was very frustrated when I asked questions which only inspired me to ask more. I played along. He gave me the option of receiving my $7000 through a bank transfer, Mastercard, Visa, debit card or cash. I chose cash. He told me to receive the cash I would have to call the number 315-567-4631 to speak to his supervisor. I complied (because I was having too much fun). The "Supervisor" told me that in order to receive the cash I would need to pay a $234.00 "clearing" fee via Western Union and instructed me to call him from the Western Union for more details.I still haven't found a Western Union office but someday I'll get my $7000.00.

    9. Ross says:

      I want this number blocked & block texts

    10. Darell says:

      first time for this number being on my phone, did not answer as thought scam or not valid number

    11. Chase says:

      Its illegal to ask for money up front for a loan period..  and anytime they ask its the first red flag. A green dot card or similar type card and western Union is another red flag..  

    12. Keneth says:

      This is a scam. An indian named adam garcia and john carter said they were from Andrew Marshalls law office and that there were charges against my ss#. I called the law office and they said they have no employees by those names and to call the police. Do not give them any money. This is bogus

    13. Quinn says:

      Called at 3:00am with prerecorded message. These people need sued!

    14. Rafael says:

      I got a call today from the same guy he called me a b***ch and f**** my mom he was going to f*** me with a bat and blow my house up i told him i was recording the call he said he did not give a f**CK ABOUT MY LOCAL POLICE DEPT HE SAID to me how do you like it im in obamas house now and i just want to blow you up.

    15. Dirk says:

      I called back and the number is disconnected. Been getting these calls all day. Annoyed!!!