347-237 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 347-237-6960
  • 347-237-6961
  • 347-237-6962
  • 347-237-6963
  • 347-237-6964
  • 347-237-6965
  • 347-237-6966
  • 347-237-6967
  • 347-237-6968
  • 347-237-6969
  • 347-237-6970
  • 347-237-6971
  • 347-237-6972
  • 347-237-6973
  • 347-237-6974
  • 347-237-6975
  • 347-237-6976
  • 347-237-6977
  • 347-237-6978
  • 347-237-6979
  • 347-237-6980
  • 347-237-6981
  • 347-237-6982
  • 347-237-6983
  • 347-237-6984
  • 347-237-6985
  • 347-237-6986
  • 347-237-6987
  • 347-237-6988
  • 347-237-6989
  • 347-237-6990
  • 347-237-6991
  • 347-237-6992
  • 347-237-6993
  • 347-237-6994
  • 347-237-6995
  • 347-237-6996
  • 347-237-6997
  • 347-237-6998
  • 347-237-6999

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    1. Elvin says:

      Answered call this afternoon (11/10/08). She asked for my maiden name, which I haven't had for years. I asked who it was, she said she was (her name) with Bay Area Credit. I hung up. I tried calling the number back several times and get the "off the hook" beeping

    2. Herbert says:

      They have called me many times, sometimes twice a day, tonight at 9:44 pm. I too have a Comcast account, they must have gotten it from them somehow, I am going to complain to Comcast tomorrow morning first thing!!!

    3. Antonio says:

      The guy was a total jerk. I answered the phone with our business greeting and he shouted at me to 'speak English'. I tried to be clear with him and he kept saying "What? What?" After about 30 seconds of him shouting at me, I asked him what he wanted and he said, "Do you bet horses?" I hung up.

    4. Francis says:

      I received a call from this number, claiming that the caller was a detective.

    5. Vance says:

      a woman called me, said her name was "Luwan" and she was calling from "Vehicle Services"  I asked her to repeat her name and company info, I then asked her, "What can I do for you?" she then hung up on me.

    6. Hong says:

      Got a call from this number at 430 am. What is it

    7. Antoine says:

      Said my name, and no one spoke after. Calls daily. Weird.

    8. Johnathan says:

      several calls with  no message, I called back but busy irritating!

    9. Clifton says:

      These idiots keep faxing my cell phone. Its been happening several times a day, all week!!! How the heck do they get peoples cell number anyway? So annoying.

    10. Markus says:

      they wont stop calling!!!! ahhhhh!

    11. Darius says:

      me too.  Sometimes I like to mess with them and tell them take me to court.  There is also a form letter I might send out for them stop contact with me.  But mostly, I just add the new numbers to my cell phone reject list.  Times are tough.  The callers must work on commission.  Probably out of their homes.  But they are so rude and never let you get a word.  Finally I asked one of them if I could talk?  Then I started asking her if she liked to Gamble (since I live in Las Vegas) and if she drank....she finally hung up.

    12. Ty says:

      I get phone calls every single day from this number and when I call back I get answering machine  it does not exist.

    13. Oscar says:

      Spam from (305)338-3075 said: "$450.00 cash. Top dollars paid from your Junker call: 305-815-9607 Reply no to remove" Why do I have to remove myself from something I did not sign up to?????

    14. Clay says:

      Thank you for the post. they just called me to I guess confirm my attendance and now I know better.  I'll stay home with the wife and kids!!!

    15. Carlo says:

      I was told that I would recieve a 500 credit card, but however I was concerned so I called and recieved a recording several times. But they said it would cost a one time fee of 129.99 so I got my account number changed and put for a stop payment just incase they know how to over-ride it. Because these are monsters out for your hard earned money praying on people with not perfect credit.