352-745 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 352-745-4880
  • 352-745-4881
  • 352-745-4882
  • 352-745-4883
  • 352-745-4884
  • 352-745-4885
  • 352-745-4886
  • 352-745-4887
  • 352-745-4888
  • 352-745-4889
  • 352-745-4890
  • 352-745-4891
  • 352-745-4892
  • 352-745-4893
  • 352-745-4894
  • 352-745-4895
  • 352-745-4896
  • 352-745-4897
  • 352-745-4898
  • 352-745-4899
  • 352-745-4900
  • 352-745-4901
  • 352-745-4902
  • 352-745-4903
  • 352-745-4904
  • 352-745-4905
  • 352-745-4906
  • 352-745-4907
  • 352-745-4908
  • 352-745-4909
  • 352-745-4910
  • 352-745-4911
  • 352-745-4912
  • 352-745-4913
  • 352-745-4914
  • 352-745-4915
  • 352-745-4916
  • 352-745-4917
  • 352-745-4918
  • 352-745-4919

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    1. Nolan says:

      Barry Dickerson for Kenny Barnum

    2. Wes says:

      Yes, she called my sister for an interview first. I tried to google her number to see what company she is from and all these messages poped up about here. I called to see what would happen and got her VM. She then called me back saying she has my resume and was trying to get in touch with me. Yeah right....... I'm gomma talk to her and see what she has up her sleve. ;)

    3. Grady says:

      Just received my phone bill.  Had a Dir Assist call to 101 515-8000.  With all charges the Total ILD Teleservices was 7.56 and I don't even know what this is or what it's for.

    4. Ed says:

      caller called I did reach it in time called back from on my ID got message not a working number at this time Whne I looked it up it was listed as a land line in warren city.

    5. Alfredo says:

      If they call here again with the FIRCO wanting donations for "the little children to learn about fire safety in the schools" I'm going to the police. Enough is enough. He even offered me tickets to see Aaron Tippin! LOL! Hell, I didn't see him when his concert was FREE somewhere, why would I pay to see him? Ya'll scam someone else! When I said "No thank you." He then asked for a small $15. donation. DON'T THINK SO! How about I report them to the cops anyway? Think that'll get their attention?

    6. Louis says:

      that same number on my caller id says "georgia" they never leave a message nor speak when i answer its like retarded prank calling. if they are trying to scam me outta money good luck ....id have to have money to take first..lol

    7. Sol says:

      I keep receiveing calls from this number as welll. Very thick Indian accents, guy says he is from the Legal Department and that he is calling regarding a loan. He asks if I have an attorney and if he can speak with him. When I asked him what company he was calling from he wouldn't answer me and then hung up. When we would try to call the number back, it wouldn't go through and then it was like the number didn't exist. How do we get the calls to stop?

    8. Vern says:

      I told them they had the wrong number but they still keep calling.

    9. Lesley says:

      Got some callers who creep the hell out of me. Hope to find who they are through this.

    10. Lorenzo says:

      Ive been getting calls from that number too. he is always talking about sex and what he wants to do to me, and is sending indecent photos of himself.

    11. Evan says:

      Get late at night or early in the morning.

    12. Shannon says:

      Luis ,abusive Ex-Boyfriend. Annoying texts & calls.

    13. Sylvester says:

      Same thing hang up when I answer. I have reported this many many times and put it on my mr.number block number and it still comes through??????????

    14. Antoine says:

      # 979-541-3759 I have no idea who this is.

    15. Malik says:

      I got a call 3 times in the past 2 days.  On the 4th call I picked up, already looking up the number from this sight.  A girl with a normal american accent was there and she told me about how represenitive Franco is trying to raise taxes on tabacco products (mostly chew) and wanted to see if I was willing to call number to pretty much protest.  the number she gave me was 717-705-1875.  I have not checked this number yet.  after she gae me that number I asked her why she was using a fake number.  She said she was calling from Iowa, but (202) is a washington DC area code.  she calmly said she wasnt sure of the number and asked me if I would like to speak to a manager.  She put him on and he explained its just a number that comes up from thir company.  he asked me if I ever signed up for any kind of smoking product cupon or anything because thats how they usually get their number. I told him no because I dont smoke or chew.  but after I thought about it I did sign up for 3 free cans of chew for my friend, so I'm blaming copenhagan.