361-256 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 361-256-7600
  • 361-256-7601
  • 361-256-7602
  • 361-256-7603
  • 361-256-7604
  • 361-256-7605
  • 361-256-7606
  • 361-256-7607
  • 361-256-7608
  • 361-256-7609
  • 361-256-7610
  • 361-256-7611
  • 361-256-7612
  • 361-256-7613
  • 361-256-7614
  • 361-256-7615
  • 361-256-7616
  • 361-256-7617
  • 361-256-7618
  • 361-256-7619
  • 361-256-7620
  • 361-256-7621
  • 361-256-7622
  • 361-256-7623
  • 361-256-7624
  • 361-256-7625
  • 361-256-7626
  • 361-256-7627
  • 361-256-7628
  • 361-256-7629
  • 361-256-7630
  • 361-256-7631
  • 361-256-7632
  • 361-256-7633
  • 361-256-7634
  • 361-256-7635
  • 361-256-7636
  • 361-256-7637
  • 361-256-7638
  • 361-256-7639

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    1. Jefferson says:

      9 times in 2 hours they've called me. I asked to be taken off their list, and then the guy was like, "Your voice is so sweet. You must be mother. You are mother, no?" And trust me, I was not being sweet. Then he kept asking me if I thought HIS voice was sweet! So creeper status! What the hell. Anyway, it's something about a $100 gift card from Walmart/Kmart, and the guy kept saying "This is not a scam." Like, I don't care, just take me off the damn list. Before I talked to the guy, I called the number back and there's an option to be taken off the list, and it's effective within 72 hours. So we'll see.*Update* I reported them to the FCC, which can be done through the FCC website.

    2. Damon says:

      wanted to know who is this calling me..

    3. Emory says:

      Do not call me and leave messages I am not interested

    4. Leonard says:

      This "phone bank" is calling my work phone asking for my spouse.  When I asked for his supervisor, he hung up.

    5. Augustus says:

      Received call from this # tonight at around 8:45PM-didn't answer

    6. Victor says:

      Robocall from "Jennifer" with Google Plus.  

    7. Millard says:

      I did the same thing. I don't know how Magic Jack got my number. I talked to someone that had Magic Jack, but I don't think he gave them my number.

    8. Pedro says:

      This man now going by Lt Kyle Frampton.  We were trying to find a car for my daughter who just was in a wreck with her car.  I have been on leave of absence for 14 months and money is tight.  he advertised a 2005 MAZDA MAZDA3 2.3L S VIN: jm1bk123x51228976.  He is using the phone # 1 209 732 5458.  He says he is stationed in Italy and the car is in Penn. I found a Kyle Frampton in Penn. on Linked in.  I wonder if he just picks names at random or if he takes the names of victims that he has already screwed over, or maybe the victims that he was unsuccessful at screwing over... WHAT A CREEP.  HE DOESN'T CARE WHO HE TAKES MONEY FROM AND TYPICALLY THE PEOPLE HE SCREWS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED THE MONEY THE MOST.  PEOPLE WHO FIND HIS CARS AT A UNBELIEVABLE PRICE, WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER, BUT WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE BECAUSE WE NEED ONE.   WE ARE IN SUCH A POSITION THAT WHEN WE FIND A GOOD DEAL WE TRUST THAT WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND ONE.. HE PREYS ON PEOPLES HOPES, AND THE PEOPLE DOING THE HOPING ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP THE MOST--IT IS JUST A VISCIOUS CIRCLE.  IF YOU ARE DEALING WITH THIS PHONE # BY ANY NAME, USE CAUTION, YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MAN WHO IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING;  HIS EBAY POST IS A PHONY AND THAT IS WHY YOU CANT GET THERE EXCEPT THROUGH HIS EMAIL.  EBAY WILL ALWAYS COPY YOU IN YOUR MESSAGES IN EBAY...  If you ever question the ebay thing send ;a copy to ebay, and they will write you back in about an hour and let you know it is a hoax..I am suprised that they arent going after him at all.  PLEASE USE CAUTION AND TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS MESS.

    9. Jasper says:

      Unparalleled Opportunities! Text YES to discover how you can make an average of $2,000.00/mo!Is what I received.

    10. Joaquin says:

      Mamaguevo estas block cuando quieras hablarme llama directo si eres hombre.

    11. Palmer says:

      WTF! I keep getting msised calls from this number. And when I finally answer I got the same recording to hit 1 for a customer service rep and then got hung up on when I questioned why they were calling me. First it sounded like a debt collecter then they asked if I wanted to lower my interest rate.  Huh?  Did anyone file a complaint?

    12. Wilber says:

      This individual is a con artist

    13. Julio says:

      I didn't answer but they left no msg ....got call about 6pm 10-26-11

    14. Joey says:

      This caller called 3 times and threatened that I had better come up with $5000.00!!!!  I hung up...dont like any threatening calls.....Please let me know WHO this was.

    15. Herman says:

      Scam. They were calling about aVisa/Mastercard and lowering my Interest rate. When I started questioned them further on the card and what bank it was through they hung up. DONT GIVE ANY INFO