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    1. Rod says:

      Called at 8:45 in the evening and left no message. I am on the Do Not Disturb List but still get telemarketing calls. Very annoying.

    2. Eloy says:

      Spam. Fake person trying to get money or items from people without any payment.

    3. Bradley says:

      I received the same call just a few minutes ago.  Again last week and again the week before.He told me he had an account needing to be paid.  I have no a ccount needing to be paid.  he had information but when he told me the checking account I supposedly have it wasnt the correct number.  I gave him no information and haven't answered his calls or his voice messages either.  He says his name is Daniel Bone and call him back at 877-381-5756 ext 1006..... I sent an email to the supposed email address and it was returned no such address.  Time to re[port this guy

    4. Benny says:

      called and have called before trying to get a past due bill that has been over due for over 8 years I have all ready spoke to the merchant the wrote it off cause I was honest with them I had a brain anurysum now on diability....they told me I would never get a call from them again .. this number is not the one I save from then these people want your info...no way in hell will I ever give info even if I do I won't give crap.....

    5. Salvatore says:

      got a call from this number today no msg left who are they what do they want

    6. Arlen says:

      this number called some lady said something to a family member about taking a warrant for me for something to do with social security tried to call back continually got answring machine

    7. Clifton says:

      Got the call last night and my husband answered it.  They asked him if he'd be willing to answer a survey about acute care hospitals.  He told them no and they hung up on him!  Don't know if we got this call because we both work at our local hospital or not but the woman was more than a little rude

    8. Emmanuel says:

      sent me a text seeing my Craigslist add trying to show me pictures of furniture. took me to a website with gmp pictures. these are a scam and can infect your computer. dont talk to this person.

    9. Claudio says:

      Yes. I have gotten between 4-8 calls in three weeks from this number.

    10. Stanley says:

      They call everyday at least 5 times and offer diabetic supplies. I told them no one needs them and they continue to call.I also asked them to take us off there list and they continue to call

    11. Elijah says:

      Claiming those are attornies for IRS.

    12. Tyron says:

      Called 3 times today 2 yesterday

    13. Marcelino says:

      When you answer it just beeps then nothing

    14. Dante says:

      stop texting me if you can't be respectful!

    15. Clarence says:

      Called me multiple times on the same day and they hang up once they get my answering machine (I'm screening calls today).  I have an unlisted ph#, am  on National Do Not Call List, and pay for "Call Intercept".  Who are these persistent people from (727)748-1520?  Does anyone know?  Caller id says simply: CES and I don't do business with any company called CES.  Multiple calls and hangups are a nuissance; I do find it extremely rude that they can't be bothered to leave a message indicating who they are or what they want; and yet, perhaps they use a computer with a predictive dialer which makes it so easy for them to annoy me with numerous attempts to reach my ph# multiple times.  Geez, if it is soooo very important that they are motivated to call multiple times, you'd think they would bother to leave a message?!?