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  • 408-757-5767
  • 408-757-5768
  • 408-757-5769
  • 408-757-5770
  • 408-757-5771
  • 408-757-5772
  • 408-757-5773
  • 408-757-5774
  • 408-757-5775
  • 408-757-5776
  • 408-757-5777
  • 408-757-5778
  • 408-757-5779
  • 408-757-5780
  • 408-757-5781
  • 408-757-5782
  • 408-757-5783
  • 408-757-5784
  • 408-757-5785
  • 408-757-5786
  • 408-757-5787
  • 408-757-5788
  • 408-757-5789
  • 408-757-5790
  • 408-757-5791
  • 408-757-5792
  • 408-757-5793
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  • 408-757-5799

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    1. Clifton says:

      4001 South 700 East (undeliverable 02/09) Salt Lake City, UT 84107-2523. Additional Phone Numbers. Tel: (302) 482-8651. Tel: (302) 526-4898

    2. Junior says:


    3. Ellis says:

      Diabetes study blah blah telemarketer

    4. Dwayne says:

      Service magic, a sales call

    5. Jamaal says:

      Just got one, from "Chase" regarding my "United Airlines" card being locked, and asking me to press 1.

    6. Erwin says:

      I missed a call from this number. They didn't leave a message. I didn't call back.

    7. Christian says:

      this was a person selling stocks

    8. Clarence says:

      I picked up but there was no-one on the line!

    9. Jamal says:

      Accented woman called from 210-249-8807 caller ID Angie Hopes 210-249-8807, (telemarketer sounds in the background) said from California Business Development Office and are you still planning on moving; played dumb Q&A she said someone called my office last week and said we were planning to move and she was following up on it; confirmed she claimed to be from an actual state government office (she called on Columbus Day - right); boss already left for the day (3:00pm - well maybe a gov't office :) ) grew testy with my questions and said just tell me if you're still going to move; asked her for her phone number and address - she actually gave me some info which follow up showed to belong to uninvolved third parties - ph # to a residence and address to a long established pet food store. When I told her I wasnt going to answer her questions and to take my # off her list, she said she would if I would tell her if I was going to move this year; when I told her to take my number off her list again, she hung up. Really intent on learning about an imaginary move - whatever could be so interesting about people moving their offices?

    10. Dong says:

      caller is called "Barter Company".. I did not solicit this call.

    11. Davis says:

      I keep getting calls from this # on my cell phone - never a message. I called back & get the message that the "call cannot be completed as dialed". I will answer next time & decide on my course of action, then I'll post the results.

    12. Bennett says:

      hey thanks guy u save me to go to the court house and also save my credit in front of cashnet.usa......thank you so much......

    13. Jake says:

      I receive calls from the SAME people usingdifferent numbers. They call at the SAME TIMEEVERY DAY. In addition to:(317) 559-5569They may also use:(888) 240-6589(855) 222-4832(845) 694-7045(636) 294-0597(636) 272-1718(636) 240-6589Their Page is located here:http://www.cdsmedical.com/CDS Medical is owned by:Carl Dean SilviaHis listed personal home address is:839 South Jefferson Avenue,Apartment #2Springfield, Missouri  65806I have been unable to find apersonal telephone number forCarl Dean Silvia.CDS' business address is:CDS Medical1 Oak Terrace DrSaint Peters, MO 63376(See above for a list of telephonenumbers)Be aware of anyone calling from not only thesenumbers, but anyone calling from an 8xx toll-freeprefix number. Register any offending numbersat the FCC's Do Not Call Registry:https://donotcall.gov/Mobile/default.aspxGood luck.

    14. Mauricio says:

      I just so happened to order Hydroxatone the other day and received a call from 727-712-0152. After reading many of the blogs, I decided to cancel the card I purchased the product with. I also will change my number if need be. I filed a complaint with DNC; however, noticed several here have done the same with no result. I absolutely REFUSE to put up with unwelcomed calls throughout the day. Making these changes is worth the hassle to avoid annoying nuisances who persist in disregarding the law.

    15. Jimmie says:

      answer a survey to win a cruise for 2