412-448 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 412-448-6200
  • 412-448-6201
  • 412-448-6202
  • 412-448-6203
  • 412-448-6204
  • 412-448-6205
  • 412-448-6206
  • 412-448-6207
  • 412-448-6208
  • 412-448-6209
  • 412-448-6210
  • 412-448-6211
  • 412-448-6212
  • 412-448-6213
  • 412-448-6214
  • 412-448-6215
  • 412-448-6216
  • 412-448-6217
  • 412-448-6218
  • 412-448-6219
  • 412-448-6220
  • 412-448-6221
  • 412-448-6222
  • 412-448-6223
  • 412-448-6224
  • 412-448-6225
  • 412-448-6226
  • 412-448-6227
  • 412-448-6228
  • 412-448-6229
  • 412-448-6230
  • 412-448-6231
  • 412-448-6232
  • 412-448-6233
  • 412-448-6234
  • 412-448-6235
  • 412-448-6236
  • 412-448-6237
  • 412-448-6238
  • 412-448-6239

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    1. Monte says:

      Thank you for the information. Well put.

    2. Weston says:

      Some education program bs that.claims you requested info....i never did.

    3. Lonnie says:

      Just also got a call from Joe. (Winnipeg) Said he was a technician from windows and that my computer has viruses.  Asked me to go to computer so he could help fix.  I said, I would call him back at the number he gave me 204-272-8888.  Do they really think I am going to give him access to my computer? BEWARE

    4. Reggie says:

      Mary, I hate to tell you this but, you have been scammed! There is not a lottery or prize package out there that you have to  send money to them first in order to get "winnings".

    5. Sterling says:

      Hate to admit this, but I fell for the scam back in October.  Having had good luck with iYogi tech service, I let my guard down and allowed "Bryan" to fix my serious problem, which  I'm sure he had created himself; having nothing to do with my computer.  He too said he got word from Microsoft that this was a serious problem and they could fix it.  Presuming he did fix the problem, I signed on for their continuing tech service.  DUMB!!  Fast forward to November, I got another call from Bryan saying they needed to send my money back because the company they worked with no longer provided the service.  He set me up with a Western Union account so he could send me the money; but when he started filling out the blanks, he appeared as the recipient.  When I challenged him on it, he explained that the company would send him the money and he would then send it to me.  At this point I awoke to the idea that this was a fraud, and began closing the conversation and immediately cancelled my credt card.  I then notice that he was deleting all my desktop icons.  I challenged him on that and he first denied doing it, then said the only way I could get them back was to send him $300.  That's when the ship hit the sand and a couple of screaming matches later (one including my wife, who reamed Bryan a new one),  he no longer wanted to talk with either of us because we insulted him.  Unfortunately, he set international relations back a century or more.  Hope we're rid on him, but I am now much more cautious and not trusting anyone.  He did me that favor.

    6. Markus says:

      Telephone number belongs to shopnbc.  They use a lot of numbers to harrass their customers. Bill paid but still get calls all the time. Can't imagine if i actually owed money to them. Their constant calls would force me to leave the country. HARRASSING calls start very early in the morning and continue way into the night. Turned phone telephone ringer off..shopnbc has alienated their customers with bad products and incompetent, bottom of the barrell customer service.

    7. Robbie says:

      phone call from  204-272-4602. I didn't answer it but called it right  back . it's a call center for a magazine promotion..heavily accented voice.

    8. Theodore says:

      Dont know who. did not answer the phone.

    9. Octavio says:

      Multiple text messages. Foul language and harassment.

    10. Valentine says:

      called several times in a day, mo info when i call back. no name, no business but it ays oiots a wireless number.

    11. Juan says:

      I want to know how they got my cell phone number this is the 3rd time they have called my cell phone about this

    12. Dino says:

      They called and ask for me and I said wrong number she said imposible this is her number I said wrong she does not have this number and again asked who is calling and the line went dead she hung up too bad just as I was enjoying the conversation wow. I hate these people when they call on my day time minutes some one please make them stop this is concidered theft it's my air time they used stealers thiefs a crime has been committed I should be reimbursed

    13. Josiah says:

      direct tv sales ... I had a very bad experience with this company. They have very deceptive business practices. Look them up online and check out the complaints (I wish I had prior to getting the service) Don't do it...it's a trick.

    14. Jarod says:

      Just got a call from this number. Nobody there when I answer.

    15. Ernie says:

      I got a text telling me I've won a contest I never entered.