412-453 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 412-453-0200
  • 412-453-0201
  • 412-453-0202
  • 412-453-0203
  • 412-453-0204
  • 412-453-0205
  • 412-453-0206
  • 412-453-0207
  • 412-453-0208
  • 412-453-0209
  • 412-453-0210
  • 412-453-0211
  • 412-453-0212
  • 412-453-0213
  • 412-453-0214
  • 412-453-0215
  • 412-453-0216
  • 412-453-0217
  • 412-453-0218
  • 412-453-0219
  • 412-453-0220
  • 412-453-0221
  • 412-453-0222
  • 412-453-0223
  • 412-453-0224
  • 412-453-0225
  • 412-453-0226
  • 412-453-0227
  • 412-453-0228
  • 412-453-0229
  • 412-453-0230
  • 412-453-0231
  • 412-453-0232
  • 412-453-0233
  • 412-453-0234
  • 412-453-0235
  • 412-453-0236
  • 412-453-0237
  • 412-453-0238
  • 412-453-0239

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    1. Quinton says:

      Tax debt without knowing if you have it

    2. Arron says:

      guy with an Indian accent said he was with "Global Healthcare." I've been harrassed by a US Pharmacy telemarketers for years, can't get them to quit calling, even though I always ask to be taken off their phone list.

    3. Judson says:

      Have had several texts from this number on all of my cell(s) and this is very frustrating and a major inconveince.

    4. Jon says:

      Just got a call from this Federal Financial Group regarding a scratch off. She called the company number. I work as a receptionist for a major oil industry and don't have time to waste talking to a telemarketer. So I immediately googled the name of the company as she proceeded to give me the hoopla about no purchase being necessary. I found the Google results, told her that our company is definitely not interested, wished her a great day, and hung up.

    5. Odis says:

      I hope I didn't fall for some scam. I am a diabetic. This caller has been calling for several weeks offering a free diabetic meter with testing supplies for 90 days and a free blood pressure cuff. Nothing to buy, medicare pays for everything. I said I don't feel safe with this but went with it anyway and (God forgive me) gave them my social security number. Now I feel violated and used because I can't find the business that fits their phone number.

    6. Jamaal says:

      I have received and hung up - on this number several times over the last few days - most irritating. Recorded telemarketing and obviously spam to me!

    7. Tony says:

      I don't know is was in spanish!!! Lol

    8. Rodger says:

      How do these idiots get your number?

    9. Lyle says:

      Blue Ridge Group from Bowling Green, KY, selling oil and gas leases.

    10. Isaias says:

      Constant texts of random things, escalating to creepy stalker like messages:" I'm watching you," "I'm under your bed"

    11. Graig says:

      This call is from Southwest Credit Systems.I called the number back *67 to block my number and it is answered right away with a recording, "Hello, thank you for calling Southwest Credit Systems. All calls may be monitored and/or recorded. Currently, ..." and then someone answered before the recording finished. I asked them which companies they do collections for and after several tries the rep told me that they do collections for ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile and others.

    12. Walter says:

      They left a message offering a "free" two day Bahama cruise for answering a short survey.  Unlike past calls like this, they did not state that they expect payment of "taxes and a small port fee".  Maybe they think that will help them skirt the law, but it was still a robocall to a number on the DNC list.  Reported to FTC.

    13. Rolando says:

      said Happy Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for youI don't recognize the number

    14. Blair says:

      I use mr number to block these calls i hate spam

    15. Carmelo says:

      I think it's a phone out of  a Payphone in Puira, Peru. My boyfriend is there now and tried to call me from this number. I didn't know if it was him or not, so i googled the number and found this thread.