440-522 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 440-522-1840
  • 440-522-1841
  • 440-522-1842
  • 440-522-1843
  • 440-522-1844
  • 440-522-1845
  • 440-522-1846
  • 440-522-1847
  • 440-522-1848
  • 440-522-1849
  • 440-522-1850
  • 440-522-1851
  • 440-522-1852
  • 440-522-1853
  • 440-522-1854
  • 440-522-1855
  • 440-522-1856
  • 440-522-1857
  • 440-522-1858
  • 440-522-1859
  • 440-522-1860
  • 440-522-1861
  • 440-522-1862
  • 440-522-1863
  • 440-522-1864
  • 440-522-1865
  • 440-522-1866
  • 440-522-1867
  • 440-522-1868
  • 440-522-1869
  • 440-522-1870
  • 440-522-1871
  • 440-522-1872
  • 440-522-1873
  • 440-522-1874
  • 440-522-1875
  • 440-522-1876
  • 440-522-1877
  • 440-522-1878
  • 440-522-1879

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    1. Wallace says:

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    2. Nick says:

      Apple is looking for someone to test the IPAD. Wow but you text me @ 11:30pm!!!

    3. Tomas says:

      something about a putting a sign in your yard.

    4. Raymond says:

      Texted I won a gift card from best buy

    5. Robert says:

      Asting like they are federal agvents and they will lock me up if I don't send money

    6. Donnie says:

      they told me that i have until 5 pm Tuesday 12/11/12 evening to pay 427.00 or they will be issuing a warrant for my arrest with the sheriff, i knew something was wrong when i was getting ready to get off the phone with them, i said to the lady "how is it that you tried to contact me previous, she said "we did" "i said no you didn't, and how is it that you can find my prepaid cell phone number but you cant find my address where i have been living for the past 3 years" she said to me "have a good day mama" and hung up the phone. I called the clerk this morning 12/12/12 to check just to be safe and no warrant they will get what they deserve cause they are evil and upsetting people who should not be stressed like that it can cause someone to end up in the hospital we should call them from a blocked number and do the same thing to them and see how they like it.

    7. Lindsay says:

      called at 12:27 am CST and i picked up and they just hung up

    8. Ross says:

      Get the same here, but it hangs up on me.

    9. Alvin says:

      Thanks that was informative and funny.

    10. Williams says:

      I just got off the phone with Verizon and they said they could do nothing and to call google lol boy o boy this should be fun

    11. Adam says:

      I dont want them calling.

    12. Darwin says:

      I received a text from this number saying, "Hey check out my pics i just uploaded here textdateplace.com." It came in around midnight cst.

    13. Coleman says:

      Calling several times from different telephone numbers. This morning at 6:00 a.m.

    14. Alberto says:

      American Diabetes Association

    15. Rocco says:

      This guy contacted me on Facebook...asking if i wanted to make $400 by letting him watch me defecate. He wanted to watch me do my thing. I said No and he insited on raising the price to try and convince me to let him. He said we can do this at his house or mine, or he would get a Motel...he gave me his number and its the same one thats posted on here. I didnt and wont call. Hes been emailing a friend of mine as well, harrassing her and offering her $600 to take a shiit on her and to give him a b***job. I think its important that this guy gets discoverd and delt with by authorities. I hope no one falls for this guy, he is dangerouse.