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    1. Cameron says:

      I receive 2 to 3 calls from this number every day or every other day for the last 6 to 8 weeks. They don't leave a message and since I don't actually pick up a call unless I recognize the number I've never actually spoken with them. Nor do I plan too.

    2. Reid says:

      This number called claiming to be a law office looking to see it the person they are looking for work in our place of employment! Total lie.Ran the number on Yellowpages and it turns out to be Southeast Bankcard Services.  Called the number and they answer "Rexinger & Associates". Total scum.

    3. Jules says:

      I've never asked for their info either but somehow they keep calling and this is a brand new number nobody had before me its crazy I will be at work and they call let it go to VM hang up and call again do same like really I didn't answer because I was busy get a clue. I to will file a complaint if that's what it takes

    4. Rene says:

      Sum dude called me n didnt want shyt no booty call today

    5. Mervin says:


    6. Elvis says:

      Spam. Call to my work cell phone cut off after 2 seconds.

    7. Jules says:

      Is a telemarkerter trying to steal your info

    8. Sydney says:

      These people called me several times before I answered. The second time I did pick up the phone there was a Polish speaking woman addressing me with my name. And when I  asked how did she get my personal info (my number is restricted) she lied it was on White Pages. It made me furious - I confronted her about that saying my number was restricted so it means her company bought this information from somebody illegally. She promptly hung  up the phone.

    9. Jon says:

      Keeps calling and not speaking. have no idea who it is

    10. Billie says:

      Dominick has blocked you. He doesn't want to be in contact with you.

    11. Shane says:

      Donald mcnutt calling harassment

    12. Rolando says:

      I get calls from this number a LOT.  They never leave a message, and I never answer when I don't recognize the number, so I have no idea what the deal is.

    13. Milford says:

      They said hey this is bens friend do u know me and I said no and my phone started to ask weird and I took it to sprint and they told me my phone has been spamed so spot this person please

    14. Tyree says:

      Called this number back. It is for Huntington Bank. No options to remove name from call list. The recording is an automated switchboard for the bank. Seems legit or the number is spoofed.

    15. Lesley says:

      This number keep calling saying I won sumthing nd I'm tired of them so if yall can do sumthing about it please.....thanks