479-365 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 479-365-4920
  • 479-365-4921
  • 479-365-4922
  • 479-365-4923
  • 479-365-4924
  • 479-365-4925
  • 479-365-4926
  • 479-365-4927
  • 479-365-4928
  • 479-365-4929
  • 479-365-4930
  • 479-365-4931
  • 479-365-4932
  • 479-365-4933
  • 479-365-4934
  • 479-365-4935
  • 479-365-4936
  • 479-365-4937
  • 479-365-4938
  • 479-365-4939
  • 479-365-4940
  • 479-365-4941
  • 479-365-4942
  • 479-365-4943
  • 479-365-4944
  • 479-365-4945
  • 479-365-4946
  • 479-365-4947
  • 479-365-4948
  • 479-365-4949
  • 479-365-4950
  • 479-365-4951
  • 479-365-4952
  • 479-365-4953
  • 479-365-4954
  • 479-365-4955
  • 479-365-4956
  • 479-365-4957
  • 479-365-4958
  • 479-365-4959

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    1. Alphonse says:

      I got a call a few hours back from this number. I'm in NJ. I kinda have a feeling that when the third part company that reps a few credit cards got hacked that this is the outcome of it. This is like the 4 th weird spam number in two days for me.

    2. Doyle says:

      This number also keep calling me and I try to call back and recieve a strange tone

    3. Paul says:

      Text Message: (First Name) "LoL http://letsgouptothemoonss.biz"

    4. Rudolf says:

      I have been smokin meth 4 4 dayz i have my telovision completly apart ready 4 solder and reasembly. I shaved off my  eyebrows...

    5. Augustus says:

      The number 210-210-2100 calls like 3 times a day and the number 210-249-2525 calls the same and says first baptist! I wont answer and they dont leave a message!

    6. Cortez says:

      Credit card company for lowering dets

    7. Samuel says:

      Received text message for "Do you need some money this week?" www.helpfundsnow.com

    8. Sergio says:

      Sounds like a fax machine

    9. Coleman says:

      I received a call from this number yesterday.....Reuben Parker left a voicemail that I need to immediately call, blah blah blah.  If I choose not to call, then God bless me!  I tried to call back today and imagine this.THE NUMBER IS TEMPORARILY DISCONNECTED.  A supposed debt collector who didn't pay a bill of their own???   lmao.

    10. Jamar says:

      Collections of some sort I turned it  over to atty general office.  He claimed with a heavy accent(India) that he was a legal rep and if I did not call him back.  Some one would come in person to my office and haul me to court and all my references to court and would tell people my ss number out loud to every one.  He left this ranting message on voice mail at my home and at my office...Lucky me!!!  He never says who he represents so I have no ideas what company.

    11. Kent says:

      Make that four times now, STOP CALLING ME!

    12. Nestor says:

      they claimed to be Microsoft and wanted me to turn over control of my computer to them.  They said they would fix my error messages.  I did not.    I think it is a scam.

    13. Bernie says:

      Just a bunch of foul language and hung up.

    14. Dewitt says:

      Have received 5 call attempts from this number. I never answer. No voicemail left.

    15. Cedric says:

      I rec'd same message note they are USA Web CASH and if you look at their so called loan document as my atty did all the signatures on their are the same. It is NOT legal to sign once and have your name go to multiple pages as my 'loan' shows signature is NOT MINE!! Their they have no legal claims against me. They keep calling me also so my atty sent them a cest and desist letter to both Usa Web Cash and Genesis Financial. Legally if this would go to court USA and Genesis Financial would lose the case per attorney it is not possible for a loan document that my be signed on separate pages to have the exact same signature match on ALL THREE Pages and they also do not use the same lettering I spell my name with.