479-695 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 479-695-2280
  • 479-695-2281
  • 479-695-2282
  • 479-695-2283
  • 479-695-2284
  • 479-695-2285
  • 479-695-2286
  • 479-695-2287
  • 479-695-2288
  • 479-695-2289
  • 479-695-2290
  • 479-695-2291
  • 479-695-2292
  • 479-695-2293
  • 479-695-2294
  • 479-695-2295
  • 479-695-2296
  • 479-695-2297
  • 479-695-2298
  • 479-695-2299
  • 479-695-2300
  • 479-695-2301
  • 479-695-2302
  • 479-695-2303
  • 479-695-2304
  • 479-695-2305
  • 479-695-2306
  • 479-695-2307
  • 479-695-2308
  • 479-695-2309
  • 479-695-2310
  • 479-695-2311
  • 479-695-2312
  • 479-695-2313
  • 479-695-2314
  • 479-695-2315
  • 479-695-2316
  • 479-695-2317
  • 479-695-2318
  • 479-695-2319

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    1. Glenn says:

      That was Craigslist Add for my Droid2 . I disabled the E-mail so I would not get the jerks but they still try...im going to try to call the number and ask him when he is going to pay with paypal on ebay....lol I really did make a ebay add for the phone for 200.00 since then I lowered the price, he will not text me back....maybe more of us should start playing games with them. he is using google voice he would not answer.....i got the voice mail... I told him her is a work of art,,,i was going to let google voice know what is he doing... track his IP address.

    2. Miquel says:

      Got a call from this number today.  Talked to a rather nice woman and she told me that I had been entered into a sweepstakes called Dreams Come True, where I could win $25,000 or a new car.  I asked how I had been entered into the contest and she said that a bank or credit card had entered my name for being a good customer.  She then told me that she would be sending me a diamond watch and that I had won 48 months of free subscriptions to six different magazines.  All I had to do was pay $3.95 a week for an additional magazine.  Once I got off the phone with her, I talked a few close family members who immediately said no way.  While I was on the phone with a family member, a supervisor from this company called to ask how I had been treated during the call.  I asked him, wary now from talking to family, if I could cancel these magazines once I received them.  He continually sidestepped the question by asking me why I would ever want to cancel six different magazines.  I told him I wouldn't be able to afford $19.95 a month and that I didn't want the magazines.  He curtly told me that I was still entered into the sweepstakes and hung up.

    3. Lauren says:

      I don't know who keep calling from this number

    4. Tristan says:

      Robocall 'get rich with our system' automated message. I am on the National DO NOT CALL Registry and reported the number. Do not call complaints will be entered into a secure online database available to civil and criminal law enforcement agencies. While the FTC does not resolve individual consumer problems, your complaint will help the agency investigate the company, and could lead to law enforcement action. https://donotcall.gov

    5. Clarence says:

      Probably placed by robot-dialer.  Long pause after I answered before someone said, "Student Loan Consolidation".

    6. Marcellus says:

      Second identical text (from 2 #'s today) You've been selected to receive a free Apple product. To claim your gift visit

    7. Boris says:

      Legal action on some documents or else will lose all legal rights

    8. Fernando says:

      Fbi warning blah blah blah

    9. Tommy says:

      Called me and said I was a prime suspect in a credit theft attempt... Lol his answers didn't match caller id or location. This happened to me twice this week lol

    10. Cyrus says:

      I just got a text mesage about a 3 bedroom home 2 baths rent to own for $265.00 how do I get them to stoptexting me?

    11. Alexis says:

      Just recieived this call - wanted me turn on my PC - I asked why he said they hasd recovered some lost files.  I said no - he got mad, I asked for his number so I could call him back as I was busy.

    12. Ike says:

      I received a text on my cell phone: "Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://TargetPrizes.com/ and enter code 4787 to claim your FREE $1,000 Target Gift Card within 24 hours. What entry?

    13. Stephen says:

      I want this number to stop calling they call everyday all day and don't say anything its annoying n harrasing apparently its a telemarketer.

    14. Titus says:

      no message, no idea who they are