503-527 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 503-527-0360
  • 503-527-0361
  • 503-527-0362
  • 503-527-0363
  • 503-527-0364
  • 503-527-0365
  • 503-527-0366
  • 503-527-0367
  • 503-527-0368
  • 503-527-0369
  • 503-527-0370
  • 503-527-0371
  • 503-527-0372
  • 503-527-0373
  • 503-527-0374
  • 503-527-0375
  • 503-527-0376
  • 503-527-0377
  • 503-527-0378
  • 503-527-0379
  • 503-527-0380
  • 503-527-0381
  • 503-527-0382
  • 503-527-0383
  • 503-527-0384
  • 503-527-0385
  • 503-527-0386
  • 503-527-0387
  • 503-527-0388
  • 503-527-0389
  • 503-527-0390
  • 503-527-0391
  • 503-527-0392
  • 503-527-0393
  • 503-527-0394
  • 503-527-0395
  • 503-527-0396
  • 503-527-0397
  • 503-527-0398
  • 503-527-0399

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    1. Amado says:

      kept getting prank calls from this number 2 days in a row at random times.

    2. Jasper says:

      Los Angeles Maureen E Hosier PhD - Relationship Therapy, Marriage Counselor

    3. Chang says:

      I have calls from this # and 120-377-6864 anyone have any ideas?

    4. Terrence says:

      he harrass me all day long

    5. Bertram says:

      Calls after 11:00pm and hangs up when answered.

    6. Derek says:

      it is from airtel customer care

    7. Francisco says:

      So far today I've gotten 4 calls. This 239 number calls first and after my phone is done ringing, an unknown number shows up calling me. The second time this number called i ignored it, but when the unknown number showed up again all i did was hit "answer" on my cell and they hung up right away. Upon calling the number back, the automated machine said "thank you for calling gulf coast reader" whatever the hell that is, so i hung up immediately. I never even heard of them.

    8. Virgil says:

      I didn't answer them sons of b****'s

    9. Mckinley says:

      Called - told them to stop calling me, I am not the person they are calling for.

    10. Carmine says:

      Repeated incoming calls to cellphone despite being on federal Do-Not-Call List,  leave no messages on voicemail.

    11. Williams says:

      I got a call from this number this afternoon. First time I was unable to pick up and they left no message. 2 hours later he called back. He was very friendly, knew my name and my business (landscaping). He said he's called many times and never gets an answer and I said I'm usually near my phone and I've never gotten a message from him. He said he was a wholesale supply house in Arizona. He asaked me about the weather and told me how nice it was in AZ. Asked me how I've been spending my time during this off season. He seemed very pleasant. Kept trying to get me to order stuff, making it seem like everything was great price. But I didn't need any of the stuff he mentioned. After the 3rd refusal, he said "I gotta go" and hung up. Overall, I thought it to be a strange call. Strange enough to google the number when I got home and that's when I found this site. I guess he was hoping to make a sale in order to get a credit card number. Will be on the look out for him again.

    12. Christoper says:

      Prerecorded message endorsing Stewart Bracken (sp?)

    13. Brett says:

      I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize the area code and looked it up. California! I'm in Montreal Canada. and I would've had to pay for that call. I've got nothing against telemarketers. I mean they have to pay their bills somehow but can't they at least keep it in the same country?

    14. Devin says:

      was he on a phone card or something?

    15. Bo says:

      They threaten me and said they were gonna hurt my mom.