505-715 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 505-715-2400
  • 505-715-2401
  • 505-715-2402
  • 505-715-2403
  • 505-715-2404
  • 505-715-2405
  • 505-715-2406
  • 505-715-2407
  • 505-715-2408
  • 505-715-2409
  • 505-715-2410
  • 505-715-2411
  • 505-715-2412
  • 505-715-2413
  • 505-715-2414
  • 505-715-2415
  • 505-715-2416
  • 505-715-2417
  • 505-715-2418
  • 505-715-2419
  • 505-715-2420
  • 505-715-2421
  • 505-715-2422
  • 505-715-2423
  • 505-715-2424
  • 505-715-2425
  • 505-715-2426
  • 505-715-2427
  • 505-715-2428
  • 505-715-2429
  • 505-715-2430
  • 505-715-2431
  • 505-715-2432
  • 505-715-2433
  • 505-715-2434
  • 505-715-2435
  • 505-715-2436
  • 505-715-2437
  • 505-715-2438
  • 505-715-2439

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    1. Gary says:

      The message they left me said to phone 855-806-1652. When you look into that number, there are all kinds of bad stuff about the people making the calls. Don't even answer this one. They are scam artists with a new way to scare people into sending them money. They tell you that they identify themselves as law enforcement or debt collector or something similar and tell you that you will be arrested, or you owe money and will be arrested if you don't pay it over the phone, etc. Some of these scam artists even state a phony case number you can refer to making the easy-to-scam people believe it is legit. Just don't bother to answer the phone and pass this information on to everyone, especially the elderly.

    2. Ramon says:

      Robo call. If you are over 60 you qualify for savings certificates on food several hundred dollars.

    3. Dane says:

      I get numerous calls from this number, if I answer they say nothing!!! Yet keep calling!!! So annoying and plain BS!!!!

    4. Kerry says:

      Left a message saying with silence

    5. Bret says:

      received a yellow postcard about a welcome gift. Pennsylvania 08/19/2011

    6. Gonzalo says:

      # 980-236-0088 no messages

    7. Thurman says:

      Called and had Dish Network installed yesterday. Ever since then I have been getting calls from this number. 10 yesterday 8 today so far. I called Dish Network and had my account cancelled, and they said it would take 31 days to be removed from that call list.  I am reporting them to the BBB, Attorney General and the Public Utility Commission. The only problem is that non of the could care less so I am 110% sure I will continue to get these calls.

    8. Waylon says:

      BEWARE - Users have been reporting they have received phone calls, some claiming to be from "Microsoft", telling them that that their computers are infected. The caller asks the User if they are online and if their computers are performing slowly.

    9. Justin says:

      How can I know if this person is a spammer?

    10. Elvin says:

      Calleing my house every day looking for Dennise Bertholot from Verizon. I called them back an was spoken to very ruud and hung up on. Called back got a manager named Chris and advised them that this person does not live here and I did not know where they got my home number and to stop calling me.

    11. Erick says:

      Fyi I've told my BRO who he is he's gestured with rapore Mr cheeks n.dwn with the list boys he go by the name LB I met him through tagged . Now he's THREATN to kill me read my text ..Spanish got with a cut from head to chin on right side face 1 dinner date we went on n now he's obsessed

    12. Leopoldo says:

      block this number from calling

    13. Chase says:

      They called about talking online survey

    14. Desmond says:

      I live in Canada and I am with Telus . I also received  2 calls from this Number and yes I have applied to put me on the no Call  List a week ago,so I will have to see what happens in a month from now.

    15. Gregg says:

      I was told to go Fu*k myself when I asked to be removed from their call list