508-388 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 508-388-5360
  • 508-388-5361
  • 508-388-5362
  • 508-388-5363
  • 508-388-5364
  • 508-388-5365
  • 508-388-5366
  • 508-388-5367
  • 508-388-5368
  • 508-388-5369
  • 508-388-5370
  • 508-388-5371
  • 508-388-5372
  • 508-388-5373
  • 508-388-5374
  • 508-388-5375
  • 508-388-5376
  • 508-388-5377
  • 508-388-5378
  • 508-388-5379
  • 508-388-5380
  • 508-388-5381
  • 508-388-5382
  • 508-388-5383
  • 508-388-5384
  • 508-388-5385
  • 508-388-5386
  • 508-388-5387
  • 508-388-5388
  • 508-388-5389
  • 508-388-5390
  • 508-388-5391
  • 508-388-5392
  • 508-388-5393
  • 508-388-5394
  • 508-388-5395
  • 508-388-5396
  • 508-388-5397
  • 508-388-5398
  • 508-388-5399

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    1. Forrest says:

      I got a text from them yesterday, as well. "To answer your request regarding home ownership, prices and interest rates are at all-time lows. Reply YES for assistance and information." Yeah, didn't ask anyone about home ownership lately...

    2. Mel says:

      These people called my work, my parents and my sister.  I called them back and told them I was reporting them to the FBI Internet crimes division.  They are scam artists.  File a report witht he FCC every time they call you and report them to the FBI Internet Crimes division.  There are huge fines incurred for this type of fradulent claims.

    3. Geoffrey says:

      BLOCK THIS NUMBER - Credit Card Scam ! ! !

    4. Elliot says:

      twice received anonymous call from this number. nobody speaks up.

    5. Lawerence says:

      They never leave a message and when I try to call the number back it directs me to an automated system.

    6. Newton says:

      We received 5 calls from this number. The person identify itself as Katy from Walmart staying that we have won a prices for an auto. I told her we have a detective friend that want to talk to her, because we think is a fake call, and she hang up. We don't give information at all

    7. Gene says:

      Count me in.  I just got the same message from Sophia.  Who's hearing impaired.  She wants to look at my furniture, but her phone number is way out of state to me.

    8. Carlos says:

      These guys are recon scammers. Send a text with your name to see if you'll respond, but they respond with nonsensical garbage. used to glean personal info. Tying name to phone number etc.

    9. Marquis says:

      "Hi Ashley this is Jessica, call me back at __________" such number.  I have gotten calls from different people calling me Ashley over the last year I ignore every call and they call back weeks later asking will I show up to the meeting on Sunday.  Want to comfirm plans  for Saturday.  Camping is going to be great.  Since they never call back and speak to me right away they just leave messages, I have not gotten to tell them they have the wrong number.  I don't know what to do.  Just called back and find its some place called Varsity Collections.  I am not aware of any debt either.

    10. Hugh says:

      this person is having an affair with my husband. her name is sara "Kate" lives in Kirkwood Mo she is a single mom with two small children and is a nurse she is approximately 34-36 years old

    11. Colby says:

      These people threatned my life and my familys life

    12. Keenan says:

      They call me at least twice a day and there is no message.

    13. Jack says:

      Scammer. This is NOT a collection agency. They just try to intimidate people into thinking so. This is a number that should be blocked if you can, or just hang up.

    14. Bruno says:

      Ignore call, don't know number

    15. Chad says:

      left a voicemail regarding obama's federal mortgage stimulus plan and how this is the final notice to help you determine if you qualify. "Press 1 for more information, Press 2 to be removed from the list." I wish I had picked up and pressed 2.