508-836 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Fredrick says:

      call came from the same number,when i pick the phone they inform something seriusly happens in my PC and its turnoff soon, I simply hang the line then they call me again,bot my mobile and land numbers,i dont understand how could this fools callet my number

    2. Jamison says:

      This is Schumacher Group Patient Soultions, a medical biller for ER physicians.

    3. Luigi says:

      This number is not a valid number, they keep saying they are "validating our free complementary on-line listing"  What is this?

    4. Allan says:

      I've been getting calls from this number for the past few days telling me that I was approved for a loan application I submitted on their website called California Catholic Grants. The person that spoke was named Sean but couldn't understand half the stuff he was saying. He informed me I was approved for $3000. I knew nothing about this loan and never applied for a $3000 loan they claimed I did. I'm glad I googled the number(209) 753-4932/(209) 643-0391.

    5. Hugo says:

      I got a call from this # & didn't answer it. I called it back & it said that I have been contacted for telemarketing purposes, if you wish to be removed frm this list please enter your 10 digit # and it may take 72 hours. So I did :)

    6. Dominique says:

      Indian / Middle eastern accented man hung up after he asked for me by first name.

    7. Morris says:

      Every bit of copper pipe in my house: GONE, vanished, poof. No more leaks tho!

    8. Reynaldo says:

      Telemarketer for security system

    9. Curtis says:

      loosers keep calling none stop.

    10. Benny says:

      Said they were from JP Morgan and that someone wrote an $8500.00 check off our name.  Wanted us to call back a number.  I looked up the number on reverse phone numbers but it is an unpublished land line

    11. Columbus says:

      A woman called from this number to tell me that the restaurant I worked for had been issued a disconnect notice from Entergy & that we had to pay cash to one of their payment centers to prevent that from happening. She told me the correct address for the restaurant, but when I got my boss on the phone, armed with account numbers and payment history, she began to change her story & made it sound as if she called the wrong company by mistake.

    12. Bret says:

      Jan 25, 2013 @ 6:56 PST left no message on cell phone

    13. Garrett says:


    14. Cyril says:

      I am a contractor and someone from this number called me about repair from "Individualized Repair". They said basically that they repair all pneumatic and electric tools lke nail guns, staple guns, saws, air compressors, drills, generators, small engines/more! This was great b/c I need tool repair in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. I sent Ind. Repair my 11 tools and it came to oly $537.48. The owner Martin called me the next day with an estimate. He said they could be done monday morning. Got a call about 5:30 AM from the guys and they got on jobsite just before 6 with the repaired tools. All around I just got absolutely amazing service and prices with free delivery for half the repair time and price of my old repair shop despite this was a cold call solicitation to a contractor. Thanks alot Martin and the whole Individualized Repair team, we loved your service and we have found a premanent repair shop that will treat us right, charge us fairly and cater to our needs. Thanks soo much!!!

    15. Norris says:

      Don't know who called, they hung up