559-654 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 559-654-1720
  • 559-654-1721
  • 559-654-1722
  • 559-654-1723
  • 559-654-1724
  • 559-654-1725
  • 559-654-1726
  • 559-654-1727
  • 559-654-1728
  • 559-654-1729
  • 559-654-1730
  • 559-654-1731
  • 559-654-1732
  • 559-654-1733
  • 559-654-1734
  • 559-654-1735
  • 559-654-1736
  • 559-654-1737
  • 559-654-1738
  • 559-654-1739
  • 559-654-1740
  • 559-654-1741
  • 559-654-1742
  • 559-654-1743
  • 559-654-1744
  • 559-654-1745
  • 559-654-1746
  • 559-654-1747
  • 559-654-1748
  • 559-654-1749
  • 559-654-1750
  • 559-654-1751
  • 559-654-1752
  • 559-654-1753
  • 559-654-1754
  • 559-654-1755
  • 559-654-1756
  • 559-654-1757
  • 559-654-1758
  • 559-654-1759

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    1. Rolland says:

      This man now going by Lt Kyle Frampton.  We were trying to find a car for my daughter who just was in a wreck with her car.  I have been on leave of absence for 14 months and money is tight.  he advertised a 2005 MAZDA MAZDA3 2.3L S VIN: jm1bk123x51228976.  He is using the phone # 1 209 732 5458.  He says he is stationed in Italy and the car is in Penn. I found a Kyle Frampton in Penn. on Linked in.  I wonder if he just picks names at random or if he takes the names of victims that he has already screwed over, or maybe the victims that he was unsuccessful at screwing over... WHAT A CREEP.  HE DOESN'T CARE WHO HE TAKES MONEY FROM AND TYPICALLY THE PEOPLE HE SCREWS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED THE MONEY THE MOST.  PEOPLE WHO FIND HIS CARS AT A UNBELIEVABLE PRICE, WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER, BUT WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE BECAUSE WE NEED ONE.   WE ARE IN SUCH A POSITION THAT WHEN WE FIND A GOOD DEAL WE TRUST THAT WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND ONE.. HE PREYS ON PEOPLES HOPES, AND THE PEOPLE DOING THE HOPING ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP THE MOST--IT IS JUST A VISCIOUS CIRCLE.  IF YOU ARE DEALING WITH THIS PHONE # BY ANY NAME, USE CAUTION, YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MAN WHO IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING;  HIS EBAY POST IS A PHONY AND THAT IS WHY YOU CANT GET THERE EXCEPT THROUGH HIS EMAIL.  EBAY WILL ALWAYS COPY YOU IN YOUR MESSAGES IN EBAY...  If you ever question the ebay thing send ;a copy to ebay, and they will write you back in about an hour and let you know it is a hoax..I am suprised that they arent going after him at all.  PLEASE USE CAUTION AND TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS MESS.

    2. Sol says:

      Keeps calling my house asking for someone who doesn't and never has lived there.  Repeatedly have asked that they stop calling our number..

    3. Cruz says:

      This number has called me 3 times in 10 minutes, if you call it back it rings once and starts playing sappy music.

    4. Gregory says:


    5. Tommie says:

      I got a call from an eastern sounding Peter Vargas saying they had approved me for a $2000 loan...since I have horrible credit I was immeadiately suspicious but for some reason gave him my some of my info anyway. He gave me a "loan approval number" and the 347 478 6816 number to call. At the end of the call he told me I had a lovely voice I said thank you and mistakenly called the number. It rang once and sent me to voice mail so I googled it and found this website. While reading the comments he calls back with an unknown number saying he was sorry for the extra call but he wanted to give me another number to call at anytime. I hung up, he called again and I answered, this supposed Peter Vargas proceeds to tell me he loves me lmao, I laughed in his ear and hung up. He has now called three more times as I type this and I've ignored, I have a voicemail. Interesting never had a scammer hit on me before. What dusches.

    6. Gino says:

      Sales people calling about enrolling you into a prescription drug program

    7. Trenton says:

      Unsolicited calls to my cell phone (which is on TX Do Not Call List); hang up when I answer. Reverse call leads to a Cisco voice mail system.

    8. Stanford says:

      text about a fake high school diploma.

    9. Rodger says:

      Call number 678-253-6225, College One has called continuously for months, this is the third time I have put my number on their "do not call" list, and I have told two people myself to take me off the list, somehow they keep calling me-they need to honor their own policy and put numbers and leave numbers on the "do not call" list.

    10. Carlton says:

      Please help me let this number stop call me please

    11. Valentine says:

      time waster.. fake appointment

    12. Rocky says:

      my wife is in afghanistan and she has many calls from this number and a 9999999999 number and they are interfering with her job defending this country

    13. Quinton says:

      these people blow up my phone and i have never ask them to call me ever!! They will agrivate the heck out of you and i see no way to make any money, all they will do is take your money!!

    14. Leandro says:

      Lots of my friends are getting these spam calls as well. Do not answer my route u to another country!

    15. Don says:

      Calls everyday.  No one is on the other line.