562-908 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 562-908-0640
  • 562-908-0641
  • 562-908-0642
  • 562-908-0643
  • 562-908-0644
  • 562-908-0645
  • 562-908-0646
  • 562-908-0647
  • 562-908-0648
  • 562-908-0649
  • 562-908-0650
  • 562-908-0651
  • 562-908-0652
  • 562-908-0653
  • 562-908-0654
  • 562-908-0655
  • 562-908-0656
  • 562-908-0657
  • 562-908-0658
  • 562-908-0659
  • 562-908-0660
  • 562-908-0661
  • 562-908-0662
  • 562-908-0663
  • 562-908-0664
  • 562-908-0665
  • 562-908-0666
  • 562-908-0667
  • 562-908-0668
  • 562-908-0669
  • 562-908-0670
  • 562-908-0671
  • 562-908-0672
  • 562-908-0673
  • 562-908-0674
  • 562-908-0675
  • 562-908-0676
  • 562-908-0677
  • 562-908-0678
  • 562-908-0679

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    1. Rusty says:

      Some survey to "win a free cruise"

    2. Otis says:

      I answered and ask for my name but I had to idea who this person was.  He didn't want to give info about why he was calling.  I told that he had the wrong number and I wanted to know who was calling.

    3. Delmar says:

      A male with Eastern Indian accent contacts Chamber requests confirmation that we are a Chamber of Commerce. Once confirmed he hung up on us. Received phone calls from our Chamber Members who inquired as to whether we have recently outsourced to India because they have received phone calls from people with Eastern Indian accents claiming to be from THIS Chamber of Commerce requesting information from our members. Clearly, the Chamber has NOT outsourced to India. We are in the proccess of reporting fradulent use of the Chamber's name.

    4. Steve says:

      This seems to be those questionable charity workers who say they are collecting money for the Kentucky Highway Patrol families who lost loved ones, they're the ones who send you those stickers, and if you donate, it's not tax deductable...they don't take no for an answer.  I live in the far eastern part of ky and these calls are originating in the far southwest of Kentucky...why in world would I try to support officers in some other area than my own.   Really questionable.

    5. Ramiro says:

      Conn's collections. They keep calling for a lady I don't even know. Grrrr....

    6. Frances says:

      8:47 the same thing happened to me.

    7. Donnell says:

      I got a call from them too, might be Verizon? does anyone have an account with verizon?

    8. Margarito says:

      President Obama mortgage call

    9. Isiah says:

      I finally blocked this number. They have called numerous times, never leaves a message, they call all different times of the day, morning-noon-and night. You need to block the number. Call your phone provider now.

    10. Gerry says:

      Just got a call from this number. Recording of tax debt relief. At the end of the recording 'press 7' to be removed. Pressed 7, we'll see.

    11. Rickey says:

      I get 4 calls a day in Spanish please help...  I don’t speak Spanish.

    12. Genaro says:

      I got a phone call from 231-674-4222 and said the same exact things about the "sweepstakes". They called me about 4 times a day for the last 3 weeks. I finally answered and they said I was "entered into Dream of a Lifetime Sweepstakes." Scary thought that they knew my name... Anyway, she was rambling off about some magazines and some stupid bullcrap and I just was like, "oook." She ("roxy") "transfered" me over to her "supervisor". I asked if this is legit, he said yes. They have been located in Clearwater, Florida for some ODD years. I asked him then why did he have a Michigan telephone number, kind of stumbled and gave me this number: 201-308-5379, said if I had second thoughts I could call that number. So I googled it, found all sorts of reports. Sort of messed with them for about 7 minutes asking why they didn't have a website and such. Said that it only happens some odd years and they don't promote it because its "so special". I just kind of laughed and hung up on them.

    13. Lawrence says:

      I said hello, They hung up.

    14. Cliff says:

      do not call about auto insurance again

    15. Kurt says:

      I got a call from this number at 5:30 today  from a women claiming to be my family member from Mexico and she was coming to visit me because she received a week off work. I haven't heard from this person since I lived in Mexico so it was a little strange. This women said that if I could pick her up from the airport tomorrow at 7 and that she'll call me with more information on her where about a onces she lands. I believe this a someone trying to scam me based on the other report