563-677 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 563-677-9480
  • 563-677-9481
  • 563-677-9482
  • 563-677-9483
  • 563-677-9484
  • 563-677-9485
  • 563-677-9486
  • 563-677-9487
  • 563-677-9488
  • 563-677-9489
  • 563-677-9490
  • 563-677-9491
  • 563-677-9492
  • 563-677-9493
  • 563-677-9494
  • 563-677-9495
  • 563-677-9496
  • 563-677-9497
  • 563-677-9498
  • 563-677-9499
  • 563-677-9500
  • 563-677-9501
  • 563-677-9502
  • 563-677-9503
  • 563-677-9504
  • 563-677-9505
  • 563-677-9506
  • 563-677-9507
  • 563-677-9508
  • 563-677-9509
  • 563-677-9510
  • 563-677-9511
  • 563-677-9512
  • 563-677-9513
  • 563-677-9514
  • 563-677-9515
  • 563-677-9516
  • 563-677-9517
  • 563-677-9518
  • 563-677-9519

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    1. Jose says:

      Recieved a text message with this spam. "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code BETA at http://iphone5betas.com will Receive it!" Definitely sounds like a scam.

    2. Agustin says:

      Called cell phone. Left no message

    3. Edgar says:

      text.....explicit sexual language.....asked who it was......horrible and frightening as they would not say who they were or if they knew they were texting me......tried to call the number.....no answer and recording said voice mail was not set up......I thought with the first text that they knew me.....but as it went on for several days and the language began to get horrible......I hope I do not know them.

    4. Leonel says:

      Keep getting calls from 210-587-2213 multiple times each day

    5. Kevin says:

      i thought they were a scam so i left a message and waited patiently for the cust service mgr anthony, who by the way isAWSOME!!!! he got back to me within 24 hr window and answered all my questions, for all you impatient  f****rs who think u hav a credit score over 700 be PATIENT they will call! this company got me approved for a card for 600!

    6. Shirley says:

      Called my cell phone--no message.

    7. Valentin says:

      called, no one there, I listened, then they hang up. Obviously autodialer to see if anyone was home, expecting a call either in 20 mins, or later in the week from a telemarketer, and if I'm in the mood I will tell them that I am masterbating and will ask if they want to join me, they usually don't though. Others say they are going to report ME, I say " you called ME during MY "private time" don't talk s*** to me, either whip it out, or rub one out or "F" Off. Once in awhile I get a taker, and it's off to fantasyland. WOO HOO!

    8. Elbert says:

      Bank of America Fraud Alert

    9. Mikel says:

      I to keep getting same number saying Oxford MI but i have never pick-up the call because i do not

    10. Buddy says:

      Received 3 calls within 5 minutes at midnight concerning a loan I had applied for online. I did not ever apply for anything. Foreign woman said she would remove me from list but hasn't.

    11. Hyman says:

      Yep some man asked for a mike I told him nope wrong # then he ask for me!Surprised I responded with yes this is may I ask why you are calling then he proceeded to tell me about some vacation time share and needed my information I responded with NO thank you I have no such interest.Please remove me from your call list. He actually started to argue with me stating "MAM YOU HAVE ALREADY GOT $500.00 INVESTED IN THIS TRIP YOU NEED TO GIVE ME YOUR INFORMATION" I responded with a giggle "$500.00? ha ha i don't have ANY extra money any where!!!" Then of course he started in again so I had to disconnect. They keep calling, ridicules!

    12. Garfield says:

      They never leave a message, so I assume it is a scam caller.

    13. Edgardo says:

      asked for wife, not home, did not leave msg.

    14. Billie says:

      The lady who called me said that they were allowed to call the do not call list because they are not selling anything - only offering to enter us in a contest and send a catalog.  I asked to be removed (which seemed to confused her) and then promptly reported them on the fcc site.

    15. Jeramy says:

      The next time they call, I am going to have my blow horn next to me.  They are cowards and hang up as soon as you tell them you are on the do not call registry.  If anyone figures out who they are, please post there number on this site.