570-205 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 570-205-8640
  • 570-205-8641
  • 570-205-8642
  • 570-205-8643
  • 570-205-8644
  • 570-205-8645
  • 570-205-8646
  • 570-205-8647
  • 570-205-8648
  • 570-205-8649
  • 570-205-8650
  • 570-205-8651
  • 570-205-8652
  • 570-205-8653
  • 570-205-8654
  • 570-205-8655
  • 570-205-8656
  • 570-205-8657
  • 570-205-8658
  • 570-205-8659
  • 570-205-8660
  • 570-205-8661
  • 570-205-8662
  • 570-205-8663
  • 570-205-8664
  • 570-205-8665
  • 570-205-8666
  • 570-205-8667
  • 570-205-8668
  • 570-205-8669
  • 570-205-8670
  • 570-205-8671
  • 570-205-8672
  • 570-205-8673
  • 570-205-8674
  • 570-205-8675
  • 570-205-8676
  • 570-205-8677
  • 570-205-8678
  • 570-205-8679

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    1. Valentine says:

      There is a First Savings Bank in Bucks County. There is a branch near me. It is a good institution that would have nothing to do with this scam -- yes, I just got the text, too. Area code in this part of Pennsylvania is 215 or 610.

    2. Rodger says:

      These idiots need to take a hike!  I applied for a loan online it was stated to be pepper cash direct also was scammed by web acess grants taking 57.31$ each month anybody that takes money from hardworking americans should be prosecuted by our federal government.  I hope these websites are shut down permanently!!

    3. Adam says:

      Unsolicited call selling insurance.

    4. Diego says:

      Would not tell me what call was regarding or who the company was they were calling from.  I called number back & I believe name given to me was CTI?? Like "Blahblahblah" I am also assuming bill collector.

    5. Carmelo says:

      Young kid looking for a cheap call girl

    6. Deandre says:

      Keeps trying to sell me a car!!!

    7. Modesto says:

      dont want no calls or texts from these person

    8. Kim says:

      Keeps calling my cel phone and there is no one there.

    9. Noah says:

      They call about 7 times a day....first couple of times I answered and they hang up. Last time they called I answered and they asked for the Owner of the telephone. They also said they are from "Education Services". When you ask them what they need they hang up. How can I block them from calling?????????

    10. Karl says:

      Trying to collect money I don't owe them.

    11. Forest says:

      The phone number (205) 352-4135 is a known scammer. IF you are foolish enough to give any information (worst is credit card, your real name, any social, any address) then you will have to start the identity theft paperwork. NO LEGITIMATE COMPANY WILL EVER CALL YOU TO PROVIDE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. NO ONE FROM MICROSOFT IS CALLING YOU. NO ONE FROM TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS IS CALLING YOU. THEY JUST WANT ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER TO LOAD KEYLOGGERS AND TO GET IDENTITY INFORMATION THEY CAN SELL. TELL THEM NOTHING.

    12. Lauren says:

      Very rude criminal just called about some kind of a construction scam....

    13. Sandy says:

      New Year's morning unwelcome wake up call at 6:20 AM in my Central Florida residence.  Will try to file a report to phone company and State officials next week. Shut these guys down.

    14. Irvin says:

      I have called T-mobile custom service. Useless. They cannot block the message. The only solution they have is to ask you to change your phone number!!!

    15. Howard says:

      I'm from Denmark, too. Recieved a call from this number around 01:30 pm, GMT (07:30 am, CDT), answering "[My first- and family name]". Other side said hello and asked me to speak in english, and asked me two or three times if I was [My full name]. Then other side hung up.