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    1. Aubrey says:

      the caller's "so called" name is Jeff. He calls both of my companies back to back, he has called a few family members and has been super rude on the phone to who evers answer the phone.  I will not get on the phone to see who he is because all my bills are paid and he is calling from some type of collection agency.  Recently he somehow came across my cell phone number and I gave it to my brother so he can stop him from calling it.  If it is a debt did he ever think of the mail?

    2. Lucio says:

      she call me  3th november 2008 from a phone, my cell displayed "unknown", knew same things about me, she asked me about my company, about what i do. foolish i sed to her my name, he told me she is from bulgary and she works for a stock share company from US. and she asked me if i had a sum of money that i could invest in a market share, in the US.at the end of the conversation she told me that har boss would call me to talk to me!

    3. Julius says:

      Although I strongly feel that many of the irritated subjects would benefit from college, the reported concept behind these calls are not as they have stated. It is a "spoof" number originating from an extremely bored individual. I refer to the perpetrator not in plural term, but in a singular format because I refuse to believe more than one person is wasting away their life participating in such mundane practices! So shifting my vocabulary now to a level they can comprehend... How Ridiculous & Retarded! -Cassie

    4. Miles says:

      Ugh, so frustrating! Relentless! Recorded message when I've called number from landline. Says they represent "commercial entity". I've reported to Attorney Generals office. I'm on the Do Not Call list.

    5. Jack says:

      He called me again saying he is the detective and wants my full name! This guy is BS!!!!!!!!

    6. Mitchel says:

      at 6 am on a sunday this i get like 40 calls from this number but they never answer

    7. Hassan says:

      call ID showed phone number and CT (connecticut)  I picked up and said hello and caller was silent.. no automated message..

    8. Steve says:

      They called me, and I'm not really sure who they are.

    9. Daron says:

      this is my friend phone number his name is christopher diamantopoulos

    10. Randolph says:

      Called in 360 area at 9:28 PM on Feb 17, 2012.  We did not answer.   No message.  Caller ID only gave the 9 digit number.

    11. Cedric says:

      I have been rec calls from these idiots for quiet awhile now the forst one was for myself and he told me i would arrested that next morning if i did not pay he had my  bank acct number routing number ss# and address it really scared so i called the local police and was sent to the fraud division and i gave them all the info. when they call again the next day I had heard enough so I laid into him and then kept calling him back and I asked to speak to a laywer if that was a lawfirm and then aske what part if nigeria did they come from they hung up on me i called back and they told me to stop calling them. well it started again this morning but now it is for my husband and they said he would be pick up fri from his job when i told them he was an officer for tdcj they hung up funny they didnt know they was messing with the law

    12. Seth says:

      These may be Jamaican scammers that keep bugging us several times/mo!  There was one unknown call after this one and then 1 call before that one, which IS the number from our favorite scammers from Kingston, Jamaica!  They get a little irritated because I won't let them talk to hubby when I answer....I just hang up on them!!  Hubby will do the niceties and then hang up!!  What's the dif!!  We can't report them because it has to be an American number for them to act on it!!

    13. Jed says:

      I got a call that said something about "he is leaving you for another girl", very weird and doesnt apply.

    14. Mitch says:

      They keep calling me from this number

    15. Graig says:

      On line classes for college